Tuesday, 5 December 2017

6 Interesting Ways To Use Your Conservatory Space

To some people, a conservatory is an unused space which is just waiting to be utilised. From a home gym to your personal office, make use of the room with these six great ideas!

Relaxation room

Picture yourself on a warm Summer’s evening, lying back on a chaise lounge with the sun’s heat pressed against your back, drinking an ice-cold beverage in your luxurious retreat. Yes, this could be happening from your conservatory! Sometimes we just need a place to go to escape the real world. After a hard day at work, kick back and relax. Use shutters and blinds to control the amount of light pouring into your conservatory. For the winter, install a stove to warm up the space and create a cosy little den.

Personal office

Whether you work from home or just need a place to study, converting the conservatory into an office is a brilliant use of space. If you need decor tips, check out this blog on home office interior design inspiration. Fill the space with the essentials; a desk, computer, office chair, shelving and storage units. Then, personalising your office with individual touches; artwork, trinkets and customised lights would work nicely.

Dining/party space

To really make use of the ceiling space, hang some string lights to create a wonderful visual. You could even use vintage furniture to create a time warp as you step into your breathtaking conservatory. If you want more colour, add some bold accessories and bright furnishings, with a dramatic table in the middle against a white backdrop. This will certainly get your guests green with envy!

Botanical haven

Don’t forget about nature! The conservatory is the ideal place for growing and maintaining plants. Create your own Eden Project with a selection of beautiful, exotic flowers. Given the right environment with warm temperature and distributed lighting, your flowers will be sprouting in no time. Websites such as Planet Natural have great tips for indoor gardening. One of their tips is to leave the windows deliberately undressed so you can get natural lighting from outside.


Guys, do you feel like you need a space to unwind? Need a place to retreat to after work? Converting your conservatory into a gaming/leisure room should make things better! Don’t hold back with the furniture. Lavish the space with a traditional gentleman’s armchair, laid-back modern seating, a casual coffee table and storage space for all your hobby-related essentials. If you’re a bookwork, install a couple of bookcases to store all your favourite literature.

Home gym

Yes, you can even have your personal gym in the comfort of your own home. Furnish it with a treadmill, bike, weight machine and mirror so you can check out your appearance - this gives you motivation! For the floor, use easy-to-clean, hard-wearing wood or vinyl surface. A ceiling fan would provide great air circulation, but if this doesn't tickle your fancy, open windows can be just as effective. If you change your mind, it’s easy to move any fixtures, re-decorate and re-paint your conservatory into something else.

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