Monday, 19 February 2018

Home Safety Checks That You Need to Carry Out

Our homes are our pride and joy. They are the space where we raise our families, spend our free time, and keep all of our belongings. So we want to ensure that they’re in good nick at all times. Believe it or not, the standard family home can become a pretty dangerous environment if you don’t maintain it properly. So, in order to prioritise your family’s well being and protect your property and belongings, you need to be on top form. Here are a few home safety checks that you need to regularly carry out to ensure that everything is working properly and your home is safe and sound!

Boiler Replacement

A well-maintained boiler should last you for about fifteen years. But many people leave checks longer than this and often put up with malfunctioning boilers because they don’t want to fork out for a new one. But it’s important to bear in mind that not only is a boiler in need of replacement a problem in terms of energy efficiency, but it could also pose a serious danger to you and your family. If you fear that you are having problems with your boiler or that it may simply be pretty old, contact a professional who will be able to survey it and determine whether you need a new one installed. Find reliable and trustworthy boiler services at

Smoke Alarms

Every property should have a smoke alarm. It’s an essential safety feature. It detects any smoke in order to alert you to potential fires at any point of the day or night. As we are all aware, fire can wreak havoc with a property and perhaps even destroy everything that you have ever worked towards. That’s before you even consider the human life at stake! You need to ensure that you have working smoke detectors on each floor of your home and regularly check that they are working. Every so often you will need to replace the batteries, as they deplete with time and use. Checking that your alarm is working is simple, so there’s no excuse to neglect this responsibility. Many will have a test button. It should also go off every time food is burnt in the kitchen.

Carbon Monoxide Monitors

Carbon monoxide is a silent killer. It is an invisible gas with no scent or taste, so if it is present in your property and you don’t have a carbon monoxide detector, chances are that you won’t know about it until it’s too late. So, invest in a carbon monoxide monitor and ensure that it has working batteries at all times. This will alert you to excess levels of the gas in your home, allowing you to evacuate the building and call for help if necessary.

These checks don’t take much time, so there’s no excuse to give them a miss! If something were to happen, you’d be kicking yourself that you didn’t take action sooner. So carry out these home safety checks to put worry to the back of your mind.

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