Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Tidy Tips For Home Organisation

It’s not always easy to consider exactly how to upgrade your home. Maybe that new smart home fixture would do the job, or knocking a wall through. It might be that switching up bedrooms, installing new windows, and changing the entire colour scheme could help. It might be that purchasing new sofas, new tables, new ovens and refrigerators might solve the issues you’ve believe yourself to be facing.

Alternatively, it could just be that your home needs tidying. Everyone has different perceptions around what constitutes ‘tidy,’ but these opinions mean little compared to what is tidy in reality. A tidy home is clean, hygienic, and polished. It means everything has a place and there is a place for everything. Ideally, it means that similar items are situated in similar areas, and that there’s a decent cohesive philosophy behind where you store things.

The following tips can also give you a great and easy time keeping on top of your home organisation and tidiness:

Clearing The Floor Space

Clearing the floor space matters. If you have too many things stored there, it doesn’t simply look unkempt. It changes how you interact with the space and move through it. In every room ideally there should be a ‘large’ open area, be that enough room down the sides of your bed or a wide open space in the middle of your living room. Try to prevent unnecessary things from being placed there. Obviously kids toys are going to find their way here, but having an extra storage slot for them can help you keep organized.

It might mean you organize your chair placements in a way that allows this space to be walked in, or that you don’t decorate this area with unnecessary implements. If you feel your home is chaotic and cluttered, just be sure your floor area isn’t contributing to that. It might even call for a new form of flooring, such as wood laminate using wood flooring adhesive for easy installation over carpet. After all, a floor damaged or otherwise neglected can look unkempt even if the space is clean and minimal.


You might have plenty of items in your home, but what can you see in your current position? In other words, what does your storage entail? While open shelves are of course a completely fine way to store items, if you’re hoping to lessen the chaos and clutter, using close topped or cupboard storage solutions (especially under bed,) can help you with the ‘out of sight and out of mind’ perspective. This isn’t to say you should throw all of your items into a cupboard, as often that simply means you're transferring a mess to another area. However, there’s not always a reason to have items visible and littering the perceptual space of your home.

For example, take the kitchen. A cheese grater can be stored on top of the kitchen side surface quite well. But would it be better in the kitchen cupboard? Would transferring its use until it’s needed to a separated and visually hidden area contribute to the space of the interior more positively? Look around your home, you’ll often find items like this that might call to you. Never be afraid to store things you don’t need.
With those two tips, you’ll find that 95% of the work is taken care of immediately, lending you a tidy home worthy of envy.

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