Sunday, 4 March 2018

Getting Winter Ready

With all this bad weather we're having at the moment, it makes me realise just how unprepared I am for it. Thankfully we are not completely unprepared, we have a snow shovel and gritting salt, but they're not always easy to find in a garage that's over flowing with so many other things. Every time we get snow I say we need to be more prepared. But by time we get round to doing anything about it the snow has gone and we forget we need to get organised and move onto something else. But we are now on day 6 of snow and are set for more next week.

It's crazy how everything comes to a stop the moment we get a bit of snow, when other counties cope with it for weeks and months on end. But that's just it we don't have it for very long so never feel the need to put measures in place to cope with it. I'm certainly not about to go out and buy new winter tyres, as no doubt we'll have spring type weather in a couple of weeks, that's just how it is here in the UK.

I want to enjoy the fun side of snow and not let it bring my life to a stop each time we get it. Growing up in Lancashire I'd get so excited at the site of a little snow, all we'd have to get is a centimetre of snow and we'd be out making snowmen. This is me and my sister back in 2009. This was actually quite a lot of snow, but it was the first snow we'd seen in a few years and it was probably gone by the following day. So it really was a big deal. And I can tell you that I got drenched through. Although I was wearing a winter coat, it wasn't waterproof at all. They say there's no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes and here was a classic example.

Now that I live in Yorkshire we are pretty much guaranteed to get snow every year and not just a little or for just a day.We often get it a few times over the winter months and with Yorkshire being so hilly it makes it very difficult to get around. Even our driveway is on a hill. So I feel it's so important to be ready for winter, so our lives don't come to a complete stop and we can stay safe and enjoy the fun side of snow with our boys.

Here are some products that could prove useful the next time you get snow. This week I personally have used a shovel and gritting salt on the drive and a soft brush to remove snow from our car (these links contain affiliate links, you won't be changed anything extra). But there are more things that we need to make our lives easier.

I've got a good idea what we need to do to be winter ready, but wanted to know if others had ideas and tips that I hadn't thought of. So I turned to the blogging community for their advice on becoming ready for winter. I'm hoping some of these tips can help me be better prepared and be the kind of person who still gets on with life regardless of the weather.

Thanks for everyone for their tips and advice. One of the first things I need to do is get myself a pair of wellies or good winter boots (mine have holes in them 🙈) so I can get outside with my little boy. What's one thing that you need to do to get winter ready?

Ayse at Arepops says "A pair of wellies! You can survive pretty much all winter weather with some!"

Pete at House Hold Money Saving says "Make sure you are on the best energy tariff possible. It could save you £100’s."

Victoria at Lylia Rose says "If you have to travel then consider taking a shovel in the boot to dig yourself out if you need to. The snow is up to two foot here in places so it might be needed!"

Kate at Ever After With Kids says "Have some meals ready cooked and frozen in the freezer just in case you can’t make it out to the shops because of snow!"

Emma at The Money Whisperer says "Plenty of long life milk for making the (hourly it seems!) hot chocolates to warm everyone up after they have been out in the snow!"

Becky at Baby Budget says "Get your tyres checked for air and tread could save your life."

Sarah at Digital Motherhood says "A couple of loaves of bread in the freezer and you'll feel very smug! 😂 Oh and stock up on hot water bottles to put in the kids beds."

Emma at Happy Family Hub says "Make sure you stock up on nappies and calpol! Bread and milk may be easier to source with the neighbours, but baby essentials may not be as easy!"

Cathryn's advice  at Cardiff Mummy Says "I would really recommend a pair of snow boots. They keep your feet so snuggly and warm when out and about in the snow, way warmer than wellies, which I always wear with two pairs of socks. My husband laughed at me when I bought a (massively reduced) pair on Tuesday when the forecast was definitely for a lot of snow where we live. I’m so glad I didn’t listen; it’s made going out with the kids in the snow so much easier.
Also if you are going out in the snow, leave a load of old towels on the floor by your front door (inside!) so when you get home the children can take off their boots and wet snow clothes without you stressing about wet and dirty floors."

Jennie at Rice Cakes and Raisins says "You can't beat a pair of wellies and some thick welly socks! My boys each have them and I don't have to worry about their feet getting in the snow."

Anita at The House That Never Rests says "Check for any drafts around windows and doors. We are currently finding out we have a few and it's freezing. Also check radiators are working properly."

Emma at The Mini Mes and Me says "Get a slow cooker! Pop dinner on in the morning before you go snowball fighting and sledging then return to a delicious hot meal."

Emma at Bubbablue and Me says "Have spare electric heaters in case needed, and keep milk and bread in the freezer in case needed. (We've run out of oil and the delivery can't get to us so no heating except a woodburner). Have now found an old electric heater in one of the barns and using that for the upstairs bathroom at shower time and the hall before bed."

Janet at Falcondale Life says "Stay safe when out and about. Take care after dark that you can be seen and remind your older children of safety tips you told them when they were young, but may have forgotten. I have a relevant blog post here Winter Road Safety For Teens And Tweens"

Clare at Emmy's Mummy says "Don't let the snow stop you from having fun. Go out and enjoy it then have lots of fun warning up afterwards. I've written this on ways to warm up on a snow day 
The Perfect Ways To Warm Up On A Snow Day"

Jacinta at Jacintaz 3 says "Always have a few essentials at home - milk, bread, eggs, flour and oil/butter. Also the one thing I learnt is that we should teach our children that they shouldn't stay away because of a snow day. If you can make it out to school or work you should. It's called being responsible."

Vicki at Tippy Tupps says "Always dress in layers. Things you can add on and take off as needed. You'll need them all when outside but as soon as you warm up or go in somewhere more sheltered and you'll feel too hot."

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