Wednesday, 16 May 2018

How Healthy is Your Home Really?

Home might feel like the safest and coziest place in the world, but actually there are lots of ways that it could be affecting your health. When we spend so much of our free time at home, it goes without saying that this needs to be a safe and comfortable place, and so here are some things to consider.

Clean and Declutter
When we reach adulthood, we realise that although we might not particularly enjoy cleaning- it’s something that has to be done. Chances are you have a rota or some kind of system in place which allows you to keep on top of your housework. However while your home might appear relatively neat on the surface, every now and again it’s well worth having a deep clean to get rid of any nasties which can naturally build up over time. Once a year, hire a carpet cleaner to get rid of germs. The average carpet can be home to traces of animal waste, dead bugs, bacteria, vomit and more. Think about it, things like dropped food, germs being trodden in from outside, pets coming in and out and more can all contribute. You might go over with a vacuum a few times a week but a deep clean on occasion is needed. Another thing you can do is pull out any large pieces of furniture like beds, washing machines and wardrobes and clean behind them. You can be surprised at the amount of dust that accumulates here, and even mould in some cases. Both of these can be problematic to our health, especially in those with weakened immune systems and the old/ young. Wash curtains, rugs, bleach out your kitchen cupboards and generally tackle all of the jobs that don’t need to be done on a regular basis. Keeping your home tidy will prevent accidents such as tripping hazards, and also make it easier to spot pests before they multiply rapidly.

Replace Your Mattress
As humans, we spend a significant amount of time in bed- and so it makes sense that we need a good place to sleep. Mattresses should be replaced roughly every seven years, as they’re not indestructible and will start to sag. This can lead to back problems, posture issues and lack of sleep where you struggle to get comfortable. You could look into the best bed for a bad back if you have pre-existing back issues. But if it’s just caused from a sagging mattress, switching to a new one will solve your problem. Mattresses, duvets and pillows can all harbour dust mites and will need to be replaced after a certain number of years. Usually pillows should be replaced after one or two years, and duvets after five years.

Think About Safety
If you have children then safety at home is even more important. Make sure that windows are locked with a key, and that blinds are operated with a wand rather than a cord system since cords are a strangulation hazard. Keep cleaning chemicals and medication on high shelves away from pets or kids, or use cupboard locks to prevent them from getting into them. A smoke alarm and a carbon monoxide alarm should be fitted to every household- if you don’t have these then look into installing them.

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