Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Tools That Every Homemaker Should Have In Their Shed

Any homemaker will agree, the key to a successful home is having the right tools to hand. While it takes more than just tools to create the home of your dreams, without them you wouldn’t be able to achieve what you set out to do. Is your tool set looking a bit tired and in need of refreshing? Or are you starting out new and want to know what kind of tools to keep on hand? Check out this handy list of tools that every homemaker should have in their shed.

Photo by Jack Douglass on Unsplash

  1. Hammer
There’s almost nothing that can’t be fixed without a bit of a bash from a hammer, but aside from that they come in great use for everyday fixes around your home. Got a new picture that you want hanging? Your hammer is just the tool you need. They are super inexpensive and really easy to store. Want to go all out? Why not buy yourself a collection of hammers that are designed for different purposes!

  1. Chainsaw
A chainsaw can cut through pretty much anything and is so useful for getting the job of slicing something done much faster than if you were to use a manual saw. If you’re the type to build your own garden furniture, or even build a wardrobe in your bedroom, you will find the task much easier with a trusty chainsaw.

  1. Tile cutters
Anyone who has ever decorated their own bathroom will agree that you won’t get far without a good pair of tile cutters. They allow you to shape your tiles to the size that you desire without chipping or smashing the tile. They are useful for both indoor and outdoor tiles, so it’s definitely worth having one in the shed!

  1. Lawn mower
There’s nothing worse than an unkempt lawn that’s been neglected. Most gardens are likely to have some sort of lawn, so the investment into a lawn mower would definitely be a wise one. They tend to last a fair few years and make trimming the grass a much easier job than if you were to attempt it with some shears. Electrical lawnmowers are the most popular form of choice, but you can buy petrol or even battery powered if you desire.

  1. Tin of paint
It’s likely that if you’ve painted any of the rooms in your home, that you will have some leftover paint that you’re not quite sure what to do with. It’s always wise to keep hold of that paint incase you get scuff marks on the walls, or need to repaint a wall for any other reason. It’s also useful because if you were to ever want that colour again, you could take the tin to your local DIY store and have the colour mixed up in no time!

  1. Nuts, bolts, and screws

Finally, no shed is ever complete without an array of nuts, bolts and screws. They are always handy to have lying around, and you can buy sets of them extremely cheap from your DIY store!

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