Tuesday, 11 December 2018

How to Create Space In Your Home On a Budget

If you love your home, but would like to make the most out of your space, and you find yourself squeezed, it might be time to think about smart solutions that will improve your lifestyle and help you avoid the painful and expensive experience of moving house. Below you will find a few tips on how to make the most out of your home and create space on a budget.


Whether you need space to entertain your friends or to engage in your hobby, you can add a conservatory to your kitchen. You might even move your dining room to the conservatory, provided that you have adequate insulation for the winter. Whenever you decide to erect Glass extensions, you need to consider the energy efficiency of the building and the heating and insulation costs, to be sure your project is worth the investment.


If your home is simply too big for your palm trees and other plants, you might want to create an orangery that will help you keep the plants that usually live outdoors in the summer safe during the cold months. You will not need a lot of insulation, but will have to make your home frost free, so your tropical plants are feeling at home and can create the right environment for you to read a book or curl up with a drink.

Loft Conversion

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If you are desperate for a home office, you will need to consider a loft conversion. There are several benefits of having your own space. First of all, you can focus on your home business or your project without being distracted by people in your house. Second, it will cost you much less to heat up this space, as warm air rises upwards. Add some natural light and take care of the insulation and the decor, so you can enjoy your newly created space.

Garage Conversion

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If you are desperate to get the kids their own space, or would like to create a playroom or home cinema, you can convert your garage. These days, we use our cars too often to park it in the garage, and the building is already there, so it makes sense to turn it into something useful. A garage conversion can give you a workshop, entertainment room, or even a home office on a budget.

Summer Room

In case you are fed up with the kids leaving their toys and crafts all over the house, you can get them their own indoor play area constructed on a budget. You can create a summer room that will allow them to make as much mess and noise as possible. You will, however, need to make the space safe and well insulated. Consider the different flooring options for messy kids, and you will save time on cleaning up.  

If you would like to create more space in your home on a budget, you might not need to invest in a two-story extension. Simply look for unused spaces and turn them into something functional.

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