Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Creating a Kids Bedroom that's Timeless

The problem with decorating a child’s bedroom is that they change their mind very quickly and if you are not careful you will have to decorate it every year. When they are young they have fads on TV and film characters and it is a big mistake to decorate their room with them. One year they could be in love with Winnie the Pooh and the next it could be the Power Rangers. Then they will want the whole room done again. The secret is to have something in the room that relates to their current fad, but not to decorate the room around it.

Walls That Will Last

Start with neutral walls, but do not have them not too light. Remember that kids use a bedroom for many things other than sleeping and there are bound to be scuffs and marks appear on the walls. You could even paint the bottom half of the walls in a darker colour or shade, and have a dado rail or border to separate it from a lighter colour for the top half. This will stop the room looking too dark, as most of the bottom will be covered with furniture.

The walls are the basis for everything else you will do, so it is important to get them as near perfect as you can. They will also be the one part of the room that hopefully, you will not have to change for several years, so it is worth the extra expense of using good quality paints that are durable and will last.

Furniture And Storage

Don’t buy furniture for a 5 years old child, but furniture that will see them through many years at your home. A bed is a bed at the end of the day; it does not need to be in the shape of one of the Minions or Ben 10. The bed linen could reflect their favourite TV star, but the bed should be one that you will not have to change for a very long time. The same applies to chests of drawers and a wardrobe.

Durability is what you should be looking for, not the fashion of the moment.

You should also make sure they have plenty of storage space. It is not good telling them they have to keep their room tidy if they have nowhere to put anything. If the bed has drawers in it they can be useful, and baskets that will slip into the bottom of the wardrobe are also a good idea. Shelves for books and other little things can help, but if you do not have room for freestanding shelves, fix a couple to the wall over something else.


Accessories are where you can perhaps use their favourite characters as long as they are not expensive just because of the name. Otherwise, you should buy things that will fit in a room for a child of their age.  You could let them choose the colours of the bed linen, curtains and lampshades, and then maybe have some pictures for the walls as well. They may like to have a particular family photo, or one of themselves when they were first born.  If you have a photo that they want to hang in their room, looking into picture framing to make sure it matches with everything else could be the answer. Buy good frames now and they will last you forever.

Flooring That is Durable.

Children are much more likely to spill drinks and drops foods on the floor than an adult, especially if they have friends playing and get excited. They are not always aware of how much damage these things can cause, so choosing the flooring needs some care.

Laminate floors are good because they are hard to damage and easily cleaned. They are a bit cold to get out of bed onto though, so a mice rug there could be the answer.

If you want to carpet the whole floor, do not buy a long pile carpet, as this will easily be ruined. Keep to a short pile that will be easier to clean, and will not show stains quite so much.

From One Age To The Next

A room following these tips will be easy and cheap to change from when they are very young to when they become a teenager. You may have to buy new bed linen every couple of year, change the wall decorations such as photos and pictures and maybe hide that Winnie the Pooh teddy, but the mainstays of the room will not need changing for a long while.

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