Friday, 28 December 2018

Tips To Keep your Family Online While On The Move

In this modern age technology is taking over, which is actually a fantastic thing, but with this comes the issue of staying online. Even with all the WIFI around and 4G mobile phone connections we can still find ourselves in a situation where we have no signal and no WIFI, whether it is because you have gone on holiday to a remote location or you just don’t get internet in your area.

Most children these days have all sorts to access the internet, such as smartphones, tablets and even smart watches. Although it pains some parents to say it, children are quietest when they are on some sort of technology, so keeping your child online can be critical in keeping them happy and entertained in certain situations.

Of course, sometimes kids run out of data, which means that you can end up in somewhat of a sticky situation with bored, unhappy little ones!

Mobile Hotspot

A mobile hotspot is WIFI you can use on the move to keep you online wherever you go. There are multiple ways to get a mobile hotspot, the first thing you can do is buy a prepaid mobile hotspot device, where you pay for a certain amount of data and you are given a data loaded wifi device that you can take with you on the move. The good thing about the prepaid mobile hotspot is you can keep topping it up and stay online so it isn’t once it is used it is done you can keep using it each time you need as long as you top it up. It works like good old-fashioned phone credit.

Another way to get a mobile hotspot is through another mobile phone. If you have a phone that has great signal and you always have an internet connection then you can turn your hotspot on for others that are with you to connect to if they have a bad signal. You can also set it so they have to enter a password, this stops just anyone near you connecting to it. The only downside to the mobile hotspot is that it uses up the data you get each month, so if the people using are streaming TV or movies on their devices it will eat through all you data so be mindful how much and how long you use it if you have a data limit each month.

Mobile WIFI

WIFI can be found all over the place dependant on where you are, most shops have WIFI you can connect to so if you’re in a restaurant or shop and have no phone internet you can always connect to their WIFI to get any emails or updates you need to. You can also get in-car WIFI for those long trips - for this, you can pay for monthly and plug the device into the car to use with multiple phones and devices.

Going on a trip with your family is great fun but can be met with turmoil if you have no internet connection. Following these tips are a sure fire way to stay connected and online with your family when out on the road, and a great way to stop any meltdowns if the kids want to get on their devices.

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