Friday, 11 January 2019

Building A Family Home That Works For You All

Nobody can predict what the future holds. Our families will change over time. They may get bigger or smaller as new additions arrive and other members fly the nest. As well as designing for the future, it also needs to act as your own personal sanctuary where you can relax and forget about the world. It will also be the hub of family life, where most of you are all together for most of the time, making memories. This is a lot to consider, so how do you design a family home that works for everyone living there, whoever that might be?

Start with a Solid Base

There is more to getting the design right for your new family home than just the aesthetic design. Even an award winning home designer will spend lots of time considering how you are going to use the spaces, and ensuring they are designed in a way that’s not only perfect for you but also flows seamlessly throughout.

Once your home is built it is literally set in stone. This means your priority should be creating the spaces and flow that’s right for your dream house, even if getting a little extra means compromising on the budget for your fixtures and fittings in the short term, it will definitely be worth it.

Spending a little extra time on the design with your architect will help to maximise the use of space. A well-designed smaller space can quite often be a nicer place to live than just a big space.

Getting it Right First Time

There are many things to consider when it comes to the layout of your home. Some things that seem a good idea might not work in the real world, and we’d always recommend your architect guide you on such matters. However, there are some universal truths that can help your collection of spaces be a truly happy family home.

Design your layout so there are elements of connection between the different spaces, such as ensuring the kitchen has a good view of any outside or inside play areas. An informal seating area in a kitchen, whether a table or an island, can help families to stay connected. We all like a little privacy at times, but staying connected can be even more important.

Other Considerations

Once you’ve nailed the design, you can start to think about how you’re going to position your property on your plot. Architects are well versed when it comes to maximising natural light and warmth. They will also consider how the positioning of your property impacts your security and privacy.

Use design to help you de-clutter your home. Incorporating clever storage ideas into your design can help you to maintain your desired lines while keeping everything clean and tidy.

When it comes to the sleeping arrangements, it’s a good idea to think further ahead. It’s easy to have a nice nursery now, but bear in mind your kids will grow up fast. Make sure the bedrooms have plenty of space to grow in to and everyone will be happy for many years to come.

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