Thursday, 24 January 2019

Great Crafts You Can Make With Old Furniture

Now that the whole new year new me thing is done for another 12 months, we can start settling back into our daily lives and making plans for our home and Work life. The home is always a haven for us to come back to in the evenings and it can be the best place to play around with and make into what we want. This is why in the new year we often feel more motivated to decorate the house and get things done, and we can really benefit from playing around with rooms and freshening them up. Here are just a few of the things we can do to our old furniture this year to make them into something new for the home.

An old table dog bed

If you have a furry friend in your life this is a great idea for a weekend craft. If you have an old coffee table in the house which you no longer use, you can turn this into a dog bed for your pooch. All you have to do for this is flip the table upside down and remove the legs. Then paint the table a funky colour, and add some cushioning and fabric over the top. This will be a cute addition to the home and an ideal resting spot for your pet.

A chest of drawer mobile bar

For those of you who have a small chest of drawers hanging around the house, one of the things you can think of doing is creating a mobile bar for the kitchen and dining area. For this all you need to do is add some wheels, remove the drawers from the cabinet and add a wooden barrier on the top to keep your glasses and drinks in place. It can be a great item to use at a party and will be the ideal thing for you.

A wooden box herb garden

If you happen to have any old wooden boxes from wine bottles or other small pieces of Furniture lying around, you can use these to create a cute hanging herb garden in the kitchen. To do this all you need to do is make sure the boxes are sealed and line them with black liner. Fill them up with soil and plant some herbs in there. It will look amazing on your walls and can be a great way to get some flavour into your food each day!

Stool storage

If you have an old stool which you don’t really use anymore, a fun idea would be to turn it into a storage box and then add a lid on top. This can be a wonderful thing for you to do in the garden or the living room to store things like books and Knick knacks. You can paint the stool a fun colour and then also think about adding some patterned cushioning to it for a stunning effect! It will certainly
Brighten up the corner of any room in your home.

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