Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Glorious Gardening: Getting Ready For The Spring Weather!

Thankfully, the worst of the winter weather is coming to an end. By the end of next month we should all be home free, with (hopefully!) no more snow or gale force winds to deal with until next winter. Once the milder weather sets in, it’s a chance to get back out in the garden again- and at least make a start on making it nice again ready for the summer. If you’re planning on getting out into the backyard as soon as the last of the snow has passed, here’s what you need to do to get everything back in order!

Repair the lawn
Grass is pretty hardy, most of your lawn should have survived the winter as long as it was properly established by the time the coldest weather hit. However, it can definitely suffer when it’s wet and cold, and you might have bald or thinning areas and it generally probably doesn’t look its best. In the spring, you can ‘overseed’ your lawn which involves scattering grass seed all the way through. The new growth will blend in nicely and by the end of spring you should have a green, lush and healthy looking lawn again.

Get everything clean
Everything in your garden will have been sitting there since the summer, and with it being exposed to the elements chances are it all needs a good clean. Garden furniture will need to be thoroughly cleaned down, with any mould or moss removed. Kids toys again should be cleaned of accumulated dirt, and barbeques should be given a scrub. If they’ve not been covered very well, you might need to use a rust remover- and in future be sure to put it in the shed or cover it correctly. Clean your windows and your back door too, the rain and bad weather can all leave these covered in a layer of grime.

Jet wash the patio
Moss can thrive in wet weather, and it can even accumulate on stone and slabs such as patios. Not only does this look unpleasant but it can be really dangerous too as it can become slippery when it’s wet. A good jet hose can remove it pretty easily (and it’s so satisfying to watch!) Give your patio a good blast and it will make the garden look so much cleaner and nicer.

Plant some flowers
Fill your beds, pots and hanging baskets with some pretty spring blooming flowers to add some colour and life back into the garden. This alone can make such a difference, especially after seeing it so dull and lifeless after a long winter. If you want flowers that will come back each year, plant some bulbs such as daffodils and tulips. They won’t bloom this spring now, but by next year (and each year after) they’ll sprout up. This can save you money compared with buying annuals, that will only flower this year and then die off when they’re finished blooming.

What jobs do you need to tackle in the garden this coming spring?

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