Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Is It Time To Upsize Your Home?

Thinking of moving to a bigger home? Upsizing can be necessary in some cases, but it can come with challenges. Here are a few questions to ask yourself first to work out whether upsizing is the right decision.

Are you running out of places to store your stuff?

If you’re running out of space to store your possessions, it could be a sign that you need to upsize to somewhere bigger. This could make your home feel less cluttered without you having to get rid of anything.

Of course, you should be certain that you’re not just accumulating clutter – a clear out could be a more sensible option if your starting to hoard possessions you don’t need.

Is your family growing (and are you already crowded)?

Having a growing family in an already cramped home could be another clear sign that it’s time to upsize. For instance, if you’re expecting a second child and only have two bedrooms, you may have to consider whether upsizing to a three bedroom home is necessary.

Kids may be able to share bedrooms, however you need to consider whether this is a practical long-term option. Boys and girls legally aren’t allowed to share a room past the age of 10, whilst two kids of the same sex can legally share a bedroom until the age of 15. If you don’t own your home and live in council housing, you should be able to apply for a bigger home if it is legally required.

Can you add space to your current home?

It’s possible that you may not need to upsize and that you may be able to convert unused space in your home.  If you need another bedroom for instance, a loft conversion could be a more economical option to moving if you have an unused attic. Unused garage space could also be converted into another bedroom, whilst unused space under the stairs could be turned into an extra bathroom. Alternatively, there could be the option of an extension – unlike a conversion, this may require planning permission, so you may have to consider this.

Are there other reasons you should move?

Consider whether there are other aspects of your home that you don’t like – this could be another argument for moving. For instance, you may not like the neighbourhood or you may feel there are no local opportunities for work. If this is the case, upsizing could also be an opportunity to meet other needs.

Can you afford to upsize?

A bigger home could cost more money, so you also need to be certain you can afford to upsize. Sometimes there are ways around this – you may be able to move to a cheaper area in which you may be able to afford a larger property for the same price you’re paying now. This could mean sacrificing other conveniences, so weigh up whether the change of neighbourhood is worth the cheaper costs.

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