Saturday, 19 October 2019

How Can You Make Your Home Look Bright and Beautiful?

Your home might be beautifully decorated, but without the right light it’s always going to look a little dark and dingy. We’re not all blessed with south facing homes which attract a lot of light, but there are things that you can do to maximise what’s coming in and make your home a more pleasant place to be. Here’s how you can go about it!

Change the colour scheme
Dark colours and fussy patterns will make any room look darker and more enclosed. An easy way to maximise the light is by painting the walls a light shade. Light neutrals like white, magnolia or light grey will work with lots of other shades. Remove patterned wallpaper, stick with a feature wall instead where just one wall is papered and go with a more subtle print if you’re in a smaller room. If you want to incorporate some colour, do this with accessories like curtains, cushions, and rugs. 

Bounce the light around with mirrors
An easy way to get the light bouncing around the room is by using mirrors. Go with large sizes where possible but see what works best in the space you have, and try to position mirrors, so they’re opposite windows for the best effect. As well as mirrors hung on walls, mirrored furniture can look super glam and is a great way to reflect light around further. 

Don’t block the windows
If you have furniture blocking your windows or things like large vases of flowers on the windowsill, consider moving these around. Another thing you could consider is having any large trees removed from the front of your property. Tree surgeons like Bark and Branch can do this in a day, not only will you get more light coming into your home but you prevent the risk of tree roots damaging the foundations of your house. This commonly happens when large trees are planted too close to buildings. 

Choose the right kinds of curtains and blinds
Blinds or shutters can be useful for controlling the light in your home, but some types can block out a lot of light even when they’re open. Instead of thick curtains you could opt for sheer voile panels in combination with blackout roller blind. The roller blind can block out light when you need it to, but the rest of the time can be completely rolled back up. The light curtains will look and airy and don’t block the light but will ensure the window looks dressed and the room looks finished. If you currently have very big thick curtains up or slatted blinds then you might be surprised at how much difference removing these can make.

Do you struggle with the light in your home? What kinds of things have you tried to make it look brighter? 

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