Saturday, 5 October 2019

Autumnal Gardening and Repairs That are a Must at This Time of Year

Brrrr, the colder temperatures are here, and the age old question remains: when do you put your heating on? But as the temperatures are dropping, it means that there is some work to be done outside, if you have a patio or garden space, so that autumn and winter don’t take over and leave you with a lot of work to do in the spring. As well as clearing the fallen leaves that will be arriving in abundance right about now, there are lots of other simple things that you can do that make a big difference to the look and quality of your garden. Plus, this time of the year can be a good time for wildlife in your garden, like hedgehogs and so on. So here are some tips to make sure that you can take care of your garden, and that you can look after the wildlife that is looking for a home this autumn and winter.

Tidy your borders

Tidying the borders around your garden or patio can be a good idea to help to get rid of any dying leaves that are there, as well as collapsed stems, as well as being able to remove weeds or removing dead plants. Once you have done this, adding some compost can be a good idea, as it can help to look after the plant roots that are in the earth, so that come springtime they are ready to go again. 

Make repairs

Now is a good time to make some repairs to your outdoor space, as it isn’t going to be somewhere that you are using all that often. So if you have things like damaged planters or raised plant beds that are damaged, that can be one of the first things to look at. You could paint or fix fencing, as storms and cold weather at this time of year aren’t a good mix for fencing. If you have some rotting fence posts then it can be a good time to replace, or look at a site like Hedgeplants Heijnen for some alternative ideas to fencing. Check things like sheds are sealed and won’t get any leaks, as well as repairing any broken equipment. In the cold weather, you don’t want cracks on a trowel to get rusty or damaged, meaning that come springtime, you need to buy new things. 

Collect autumn leaves

There are piles of leaves that can act as a good place for mini-beasts and hedgehogs to hide, so first things first, you should be careful with piles of leaves. If you have a few in places that are a little out of sight, then it can be a really good idea to leave them as they are. But of course, you don’t want leaves all over the place. So collecting up the fallen leaves is a good idea. As the weather turns colder and frost starts each morning, fallen leaves can become really slippery, becoming a hazard. So for paths, borders, and driveways, clearing the leaves is a must. 

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