Friday, 27 September 2019

Easy Ways To Keep Your Home Warm All Through Winter

hen this time of year rolls around, we all start to focus on ways we can keep warm over the winter. We invest in warm boots, new scarves and sometimes even thermal underwear (arguably the most attractive garments that have ever existed). But how exactly do you make sure that your own home stays cosy all through the colder months? Here are some tips.
Add Insulation To Your Attic
We all know how important it is to wear a hat during the winter, because a huge amount of your body heat escapes through your head. The same is true of your home - if your loft or attic isn’t fully insulated, you’ll end up losing a lot of heat through your roof. This will push your heating bills to astronomically high levels, and you’ll end up wasting a lot of money. One option is to hire someone to add insulation to your loft, but you can also buy it from any hardware store. You can add insulation to your floor if you don’t use your loft but you can also attach it behind your rafters if you want to insulate the actual roof.


Time Your Heaters
You may not need to keep your heaters on as high a level as you currently do. If you add timers and put your radiators on a lower setting, it means that your house will be at the level you want it to be when you wake up, and you will have saved money and power - and that unpleasant early morning dash to your thermostat to flick the heaters on before you get into your shower. You could also time your heaters to come on before you get home from work along with your lights so you come home to a well-lit, warm house.
Add Rugs To Your Floors

There’s a good chance that you’re currently losing a lot of heat through your floors if you have wooden, slate or tiled floors, so why not add rugs? They will insulate the floors and stop the cold from the ground coming up into your house, and they’ll be a lot more pleasant and warm to walk on than bare floors. Just make sure you attach the edges to the ground properly so you don’t end up tripping over.

Keep Your Radiators Free

There’s something that feels really wonderful about sitting on a couch with the radiator blazing behind it. It’s probably the most cosy that any human being could possibly be, which is definitely the aim during autumn and winter. However, it really isn’t the best way to heat your house, as you’re blocking the heat from getting to the rest of the room. Move any furniture away from the front of the radiator if you want it to do a good job and heat your home as much as you’d like.
Keeping your home warm through winter may seem like a constant battle but the truth is that a lot of it is simply common sense: use a timer, get your boiler checked, insulate your attic, don’t block your radiators. If you follow these tips, you should be toasty and warm all winter long.

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