Friday, 1 November 2019

3 Fantastic Autumnal Gifts To Your Household

What does autumn mean to you? 
Most people, when they think of autumn, picture a carved pumpkin head, kids wearing extravagant Halloween costumes and a lot – and we mean A LOT – of rain. The positives just about leverage the negatives. But it doesn’t change the fact that you’d happily switch Halloween celebrations for an extra month of summer. After all, it doesn’t matter how cute your wellies look. A rainy day is never fun, especially when it’s cold and windy on top of it! During the summer, your garden looks bright, welcoming, and full of life. The bees and butterflies are flying around your flowers while you can spot a handful of young frogs swimming under the water lily in the pond. The autumnal season, however, has transformed the garden significantly. Brown leaves are gathered on the ground, covering everything in a disgusting mush. The bees are long gone, and even the birds are staying hidden in their nest to avoid the worst of the rain. Thankfully, you’ve got the Halloween sweets to inject some joy in your life, right? 
But, not everything is terrible. In fact, there are plenty of fantastic seasonal gifts for your household, and that includes rain. Here’s why you need to embrace autumn. 

Natural compost, here we come
Don’t let the leaf situation get out of hand. Collecting the fallen leaves is not only a good idea, but you want to be thoughtful about piles as well. Indeed, small animals can use the leaves as a protective shelter. Therefore, you want to remove only those that cover the path and threaten to rot in place. You can use them in a compost bin. Indeed, the rotting leaves will attract insects and worms. The digested result of their leaves feast is going to be a nourishing compost pile, which you can directly use on the soil. Compost can not only be used to protect young bushes during the cold season but also to boost growth in spring! 

Rain, rain, rain and more rain
What’s so good about the rain? Rain is your garden’s best friend. Indeed, you can collect the fallen water in a Team Poly rainwater tank to be used later in the garden. Watering your garden in spring and summer can lead to high wastes of resources. However, you can help your gardening routine to stay on the green side of the planet by re-purposing natural resources. Who needs to spend money on water bills when you can use the rain? 

Mushroom omelette, anyone? 
Autumn is the peak mushroom season. You might want to join a foraging course to find out more about the delicious fungi that grow in the UK. Admittedly, mushrooms grow all year round; however, they are more numerous in autumn as the rain season settles in. Finding wild mushrooms is a little bit like a treasure hunt at first, but as soon as you get the hang of it, you’ll get to appreciate every single drop of rain! Typically, you can find bolets all through the country – they are the easiest species to identify, and they’re completely safe to consume. 

There is more to the season than Halloween. Autumn brings a variety of gifts for the household. From free rain, which you can save for your garden, to free food, what’s not to like about the snail season? 

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