Sunday, 17 November 2019

How To Make Your Kitchen More Family-Friendly

The kitchen isn’t just a place to prepare meals. Although we certainly cook in our kitchen, the space has many other purposes, making it the heart of family homes. Children love spending time in the kitchen, especially when cooking with mum and dad. However, many kitchen areas aren’t designed for little people. When renovating your home, therefore, it makes sense to switch this space up. With that in mind, here are six ways to make your kitchen more family-friendly. 

1. Have Various Seating Options
Making a child-friendly space begins with making it easily accessible. Unless your children can sit down in the kitchen, they won’t feel truly comfortable there. Because of this, you should look into buying child-sized seats. Having a two-tiered island installed would also make sense. This would allow your children to eat, play, and do homework without needing your help to sit down. 

2. Turn To Stain Resistant
Everyone knows that children are messy creatures. They make pies out of mud, colour outside the lines, and play with their food. Even if you like this quirk about them, your kitchen might not. Most kitchens are designed to resist stains. After all, cooking isn’t always a tidy task. However, if there are elements in your kitchen that your little ones could ruin, you may want to change them. 

3. Add Elements Of Fun
A childish flair truly can make a house a home. For this reason, you should pick kitchen homewares and accessories that your little ones would like. Glasses in the shape of animals or colourful knife blocks could work. If you have artwork in your kitchen, you might want to change that too. With the right frame, even the messiest of your child’s paintings will look like modern art. 

4. Be Strategic With Storage
While your children are still small, you wouldn’t want them touching any kitchen equipment. However, as they get older, they will want to grab snacks and drinks by themselves. That is why you must make sure that you have cupboards and drawers that your children can easily reach. Until they’re old enough to start using this storage, you can always install child locks on them. 

5. Make A Play Space
Parents understand that keeping young children entertained is a never-ending mission. Nonetheless, you can make your life easier by creating a space for your children to play. Having a play space in your kitchen will allow you to watch your mischief makers while you cook and clean. Although a small toy chest will work wonders, you could make an entire play kitchen. 

6. Watch Out For Corners
Before long, your child’s head will be at the exact same height as the kitchen table and counter tops. Although there’s little you can do to stop them from bumping their head, you can reduce the risk by adding corner protectors. Make sure you also consider other ways to make the kitchen safe. Always store knives out of reach and add locks to cupboards with dangerous items inside. 

With the advice above, you can make a kitchen the whole family will enjoy. 

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