Friday, 10 January 2020

Get Your Kids Outdoors This Spring!

Spring is the perfect time to get your kids outside. We're living through an era where it seems the last generation of kids who want to play outside has vanished. Now, children are being raised in the home, surrounded by technology. This is so true during the winter time. It's so much easier for the parents, and for kids to play indoors when the weather is so cold and horrible outside. Although as far as winter goes, we haven't really had one this year. But, the nights are so short that it's dark before 5pm, and there's so many bugs going around that the house is just the safer option. But spring is going to come around before we know it, making for the perfect time for kids to get outside and play. The weather warms up, the nights are longer, and the vibe is just so much better. If you've never actively encouraged play outdoors, this is how we think you should begin to do so! 

Sort The Garden Out

We know that playing outdoors in the street is not an option for all children. Some of you will live on main roads, or just in areas that you don't really want them playing out the front in. So the garden becomes a place of solitude when it comes to play, but only if you turn it into one. If you struggle to maintain the grass, or don't really have much, visit, you'll be able to see what artificial grass might look like in your garden. It's a no brainer for parents. You don't have to maintain it, they'll never really get muddy or dirty from it, and it's nice and safe. It gives them a place they can play for hours with toys and whatever outdoor play things you can do. Setting up a little football turf of artificial grass is a great idea! 

Adventure Playgrounds

This is probably the option that everyone is going to find more fun. Adventure playgrounds are dotted all around, and are usually found in a park. When the sunnier days come you could spend hours here watching them play. There's usually ice cream trucks and places to eat nearby, so it can end up being a nice family day out. Kids are going to have so much fun doing this every weekend, rather than watching films every weekend! There's also indoor soft play centres that prove really popular. Although it's not technically outdoors, it's still better than being in the house. 


Everyone should have a hobby, both adults and children. Kids these days seem more reluctant to have a hobby compared to when we were younger. So encourage them to find one that they like, it doesn't have to be too sporty. From horse riding to archery, there's so many different hobbies a child could find. It gives them a great way to socialise outside of school as well! Have a look on community centre walls and you should be able to see some advertised. 


  1. Do you know, getting outdoors is so important - especially for the kids as I recently read a survey about kids nowadays being really deficient in Vitamin D. I got mine some Vitamin D spray but this year I really want to encourage them to get out more with us as a family and go for a walk every now and then - does the soul some good!

  2. I'm really looking forward to when the weather warms up, the days are longer and it stops raining. We made the decision to have a summer house built a couple of years ago and I'm so glad we did as it really encourages us to get outdoors more and utilise the space better. It's lovely to be able to leave the doors open when the weather is warm and sunny. Roll on summer! x


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