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Mouldy Bathroom? Read This To Fix It!

Mouldy Bathroom? Read This To Fix It!

It makes no difference if you have a small bathroom or a large one. One problem that affects all bathroom is mould growth. The reason for that is simple: bathrooms by their nature are often damp. Plus, after you have a bath or shower, you generate a lot of moisture in the air.

You might think that opening your bathroom window and leaving your extractor fan on will prevent mould problems. But, the harsh reality is such actions only serve to delay mould growth.

You are likely here today reading this article because you’ve got a mouldy bathroom and you want to remedy the situation. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you get rid of the mould and how you can prevent it from coming back as bad as it has done:

Deep-cleaning your bathroom

The first step to getting rid of most, if not all of the mould in your bathroom is to spend some time giving it a deep clean. Before you begin doing so, it makes sense to empty your bathroom of things like toiletries, towels, and anything else that isn’t fixed down.

Now that you’ve got a blank canvas, so to speak, it’s time to get cracking with your deep cleaning. Start by putting the plug into your sink and filling it with hot water. You should also add some bleach with the hot water (around a third of a 750ml bottle).

Wear some protective gloves like marigolds and using a cloth that’s been soaked in the hot water and bleach mix, clean all your tiles and other bathroom surfaces. You may need to use a brush for some hard-to-shift mould stains.

Be sure to rinse out your cloth and brush regularly in the bathtub and soak them again from your hot water and bleach mix in the sink. Also, keep in mind that you need to leave your bathroom window open for ventilation as bleach has quite a strong smell!

Renew your bathtub sealant

Some people will tell you that you can remove mould from the silicone that seals the edges of your bathtub to the walls. But, it makes more sense to strip it all off and apply some new sealant.

You can carefully use a knife to remove the old sealant from your bathtub. Once you’ve done that, give the surfaces a thorough clean with that same hot water and bleach mix.

When the surfaces are dry, use a high-quality sealant such as one from the Everbuild Tecnic range on your bathtub edging. There are many YouTube videos that show you how to apply silicone sealant if you’ve never done that before. Don’t worry: it’s easy to do!

Replace your extractor fan

Did you know that some people fit the wrong types of extractor fans to their bathrooms? When that happens, only minimal amounts of moisture get removed from the bathroom. If you suspect someone has done that in your home, it makes sense to get it replaced.

Extractor fans have “CFM” (cubic feet per metre) ratings. In a nutshell, the higher the CFM rating, the better a fan will be at extracting moist air from your bathroom.

Hopefully, this article has given you some inspiration to tackle your mouldy bathroom problem. Good luck!

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