Saturday, 30 May 2020

Resolutions to Consider for Common Pre-Teen Issues

If your child is entering that stage where they are on the cusp of teenhood and entering junior high, you can make use of these ideas to help them.

Becoming a tween is arguably a rough phase in life, as puberty starts kicking in when the pre-teen begins to deal with many changes physically, emotionally, and socially. As a parent, you may be noticing a behavioural shift in your child that affects how they interact with you at home and even other practical matters like schooling. If you are seeking out some guidance on what might help this situation, here are a few ideas.

You might opt to bring your kid to a new physical institution with an environment that they have to adapt or let them enroll in a full online junior high school. However, your child may still feel a lot of emotional distress over their self-esteem. A survey of 90,000 kids in grades 7 to 12 revealed that their coping mechanisms and life choices are ultimately based on their self-esteem level. It could be about their looks, disappointment on not reaching their goals, or even the possibility of bullying or peer pressure.

Listening to your child will be crucial at this point so that you can help them find a resolution. What you need to be careful about, though, is that one of the main points revealed in the survey shows that parents also have a significant effect on their self-esteem during this developmental stage. Make sure your child feels loved and supported, and even when you must discipline them, try not to come off as authoritarian or cruel.

Be wary about immediately labelling your child as lazy because it is the time when they will need more guidance to move forward as they go through hormonal and psychological changes. Problematically, numerous sources have revealed that Generation Z has been toted as the saddest generation, with most kids in this age group suffering a form of depression. Those aged 12 to 13 have been noted to see a rate of 47%. That can do a lot to hinder their desire to be proactive in life.

Combating this doesn't take brute force or tough love. It simply takes understanding and giving them outlets to express themselves and be more exposed to positive media instead of the chaotic resources out there. If you spot any toxic elements that you feel may be affecting them, bring it up to them and work through a solution together.

Change is inevitable, but it can be a lot for a pre-teen entering junior high and trying to figure out what path they want to take. Create a balance that allows them to start feeling independent while you're still present as a parent who they can rely on and be honest with. From a journal published by the University of Delaware's Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences, they advocate "sensitively attuned parenting" that allows you to adapt as well to the changing needs of your developing child. That, in turn, affects your pre-teen's "internalisation of confidence" in what they do.

These ideas have been regarded by experts to be a general guideline that should help you to care for your growing child and adequately push them forward. It is so that they can live the best life they can get, especially in these crucial developmental prepubescent years.

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