Saturday, 17 October 2020

4 Ways Lockdown Is Affecting Your Body You Didn't Realise

Lockdown has a mental and physical impact, and there aren’t many warning signs that you’ve missed. You don’t have much else to do! Still, just because you’re good at watching out for the leading indicators doesn’t mean you’ve covered every base. A feature of lockdown that lots of families are recognising is that they didn’t recognise all the impacts before. How ironic! Of course, it’s essential to strengthen your mind and body during a pandemic as even the smallest problems escalate out of control.

With that in mind, keep reading to find out more about the lockdown factors affecting your body that you might not know much about.

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Bingeing TV

Turning to TV for relief is neither rare nor hard to understand. With extra time on your hands and fewer ways to negate boredom, the TV is your friend. However, it’s also unhealthy as it increases screen time, affecting everything from weight gain to a weaker immune system. And, if you already knew this, you might not know that your eyes are deteriorating due to staring at devices all day. To find a store is essential, whether it’s online or on the high-street, as you can use glasses or contacts to protect your peepers while you work or play. Otherwise, your vision will be shot by the time life returns to normal!

Sitting Down

Unfortunately, lockdown life is less active and more sedentary than normal. Even when you’re in the office, you make an effort to stand up and go for a break. After all, it’s an excellent way to slack off without getting caught! At home, most people spend the majority of their time sitting on an uncomfortable, non-ergonomic chair. Therefore, your back could be in bits. The only solution is to stand up regularly to break up the periods of inactivity.

Lighting Exposure

If you’re wondering what lighting has to do with your health, the answer is simple - your circadian rhythm. Essentially, it’s the feature that deals with sleep, and increased exposure to lighting can throw it out of whack. For instance, spending lots of time in a dimly lit room during the day and moving to a light room during the night is a surefire way to harm your quality of sleep. Therefore, it’s important to resist the urge to turn on the lights when there’s enough natural light. It’s also vital to cover any gaps in your curtains or blinds so that your bedroom is blacked-out.


At first, being a de facto teacher isn’t a problem as you soon get into a rhythm. But, what you don’t realise is that common family pressures take their toll since it feels as if there is no release. Just transforming the kitchen into a makeshift classroom can seem as if there is nowhere to turn to get away from the school and work. You’ve got to understand why your free time is less to invest in “me” time proactively.

Otherwise, you’ll never de-stress, and the emotions will boil over.

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