Friday, 21 June 2019

3 Common Family Pressures - And How To Deal With Them

Raising a child has never been a cheap endeavour. Children cost money from the moment a pregnancy is announced; especially if you are having your first baby. Everyone will tell you that babies don't require much: all you need is a co-sleeper and a sling, and away you go. Breastfeeding is free if you can do it, and an initial investment in cloth nappies can mean you are spending less on packs every week. Of course, this is all in an ideal world. Children are expensive. School uniforms, regularly replacing shoes, the extra money on the food shopping - it all adds up and it's all because of the little additions that we have in the house.
Family Of Four Walking At The Street

Now, we are also living in a world where we are contending with childcare costs as more and more parents have to head back to work earlier than they had planned. We find that we are buying Vauxhall delivery mileage cars over brand new, never driven options. We do this to save money because we are raising a family and need the extra cash for all the other expenses going on. There are a lot of pressure on families today, but it may surprise you to learn that they're not all financially motivated. Let's take a look:


Parents are wrung out these days, burning the candle at both ends to make ends meet, that they forget to put their health in front of them. Life is stressful for parents, and if it's your child that has a long-term health condition, then you'll be worrying about that, too. Go for walks together, or have ball games in the garden. Get your health up as much as possible!

Ships In The Night

When both parents in a family are working, they don't get enough time together at all. Children at school every day and parents at work, also means that the family as a whole doesn't get much time together. It's a pressure point for a family who is trying to balance seeing each other. You need to set aside time to be together: even if it's just ten minutes every evening.

Work & School

A lot of parents feel the pressure from work, but children also are under a lot of stress from their schoolwork. Schools now have a lot of rules making it law for them to attend, and parents are no longer allowed to remove them for a holiday or respite - not without specific permission. The lack of time together and the pressure from school and work can put a lot of strain on a family, making the links crack. Any issues should be raised with work or the school if it's preventing you from being together as a family.

Family pressures come from many places, but if you can learn where to fix them, you're going to have a happier family life from all angles.

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