Friday, 14 June 2019

A Guide To Choosing Your Next Home Improvement Project

When seeking to improve and update a property, many people find themselves facing a long list of projects they wish to complete. Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to do all of the work in one fell swoop, especially given that you have to live in the house while the work is completed.

If you find yourself experiencing the above situation, then you can simplify the decision as to which project you should focus on by considering the following…

Assess your existing needs

Many home improvement projects can be separated into two categories: “need” and “like”. Projects that you need are those that will improve your current living situation; for example, if you are converting your attic in order to gain more living space. In contrast, projects you would “like” are usually more decorative in nature. It is usually best to focus on “need”-based projects as a first priority, and then move onto “like”-based projects when these are complete.

Think about disruption

If your everyday schedule is already busy, managing a disruptive project that will demand a large portion of your time - or require you to change how you complete everyday tasks, such as cooking or laundry - can add an extra stressful complication. In such a scenario, it may be better to choose home improvement projects that are less disruptive in nature. Larger-projects can then be held back until you have more time available.

Ask which projects will add the most value to your home

As the infographic below shows, many home projects can increase the value of your property, in addition to significantly improving your experience of actually living in the property when the work is complete. As a result, focusing first on value-added properties can be a great, multi-beneficial choice that offers benefits both in the short and long-term.

Infographic Design By: Double Glazing Funding

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