Tuesday, 28 May 2019

“Gnome” Place Like Home! Picking The Ideal Garden Ornaments


When looking for ways to style your garden, it can prove to be quite a complex undertaking. After all, you want to serve the space and have it compliment your home, but at the same time, it needs to have its own personality. When you are thinking about making the most of your garden space, you may have very well considered a garden ornament or two. But when choosing the right statue or sculpture, what are the things you need to think of?

Why Do You Want An Ornament?
It's a very simple question, but do you know the answer to it? A garden ornament can do many things; it can provide a sense of style to the space or it can really tie the aesthetics together, or it might just very well be to fill a space in the garden. When asking yourself why, you may well have considered that a garden ornament is essential, but not necessarily know what sort of ornaments to put in there.
What Sort Of Ornaments Work?
It's important to be realistic. Ornaments come in different shapes and sizes. You can have a massive garden, but not necessarily have enough space to put appropriate features in. But when you look at your garden space, does an ornament actually fit in with what you've got? Because if you are going towards the more tranquil stylings, and communicate a more natural aesthetic, it gives you almost free reign to put any sort of water feature in there. You can find numerous barrel water features, as well as ponds, and these will all work in tandem with each other to make the space ooze that sense of tranquillity. But you've got to think about the theme of the garden first, and let the ornaments fit in with that. You may very well think you need a Koi Carp pond, but if you've got a space that's very woodland themed, will they actually go well together? And the material is another thing to consider at this point. As materials can clash with what you've already got going in the garden, this can make for a very unbalanced style.

Considering The Practicalities
Depending on the ornaments, it can be difficult to move around. It's better to have everything planned before purchasing the centrepiece. And if you've got in your mind that you want a specific ornament, you need to decide if it's enhancing the area. Everything needs to be perfectly slotted into place stylistically, but in the way that it tells a little story of the space. There's no point getting a specific item because you want it. It really needs to serve the area. And if it's not doing this, do you need it? But once you've decided where it can go, and if it's suitable, you've got to think about the ornaments and if it will fit in the space you want, and this means getting the measurements. But also, you should think about the factors in relation to electricity, or water. If an ornament is designed to be part of a water feature, will you have to plumb the water supply in? And if you need to use electricity, this is another hurdle for you to jump over. You got to think about the feature and if it really does illuminate the space, especially during the night-time. Having it close to an electrical outlet is handy, but if it really doesn't illuminate the space, or it's obscured by plants and other ornaments, you've got to think about if this is worth it or not.

A Few Handy Pointers
Ornaments have to be eye-catching, and as such, it's important to make sure that it's not competing with other features. If you've got a lot of flowers and plants in the garden, think about how everything blends in together. Putting plants around the ornament will enhance it, but be sure to not overpower the feature. Use single coloured flowers or something plain like an evergreen. Be sure to limit the number of ornaments in one specific area. You want to communicate that story, rather than cram everything into one area because you like the items. Remember, it's about serving the space, rather than your specific needs. And, if you really have to have that garden gnome, make sure that they aren't by themselves! Garden gnomes can feel like the scarecrow of a garden. You may like the thing, but it won't tie the space together!

Having a complementary back garden requires a lot of planning and preparation; an ornament can add so much to the space just as long as you know how to use it to its advantage.

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