Wednesday, 3 July 2019

A Garden Fit For A Social Gathering This Summer

Picture by Jill Wellington 

The summer is the season for all things garden centred, be it mowing, planting, pruning, sitting, sunbathing and all of this while simultaneously swatting away flies and running away from wasps in the process. It's the short time of year, where the garden is okay to relax and entertain guests in without too much concern over being rained on or hopping around the backyard catching plastic picnic plates that the gale-force wind has kindly swept up and away. If it's your time to host the summer BBQ or a  garden party for an upcoming birthday, you're probably looking at how to improve and update your garden to make it fit for your social gathering, and this article has you covered.

Outdoor Seating

A few of the things your guests will most likely be happy doing is sitting in the shade sipping a cold beverage, and so seating of some kind is non-negotiable. Take a flick through the styles, colours, and types of dining and seating available at Alice's Garden, to get an idea of what will be both functional, fit the space you have and look the part in your garden. For instance, you might like the appeal and durability of the rattan corner sofa with removable cushions or prefer the idea of an outdoor dining table that can extend.

Fence Painting

If you're not too restricted on time, a few tins of paint and a bit of elbow grease will instantly change the look and feel of your garden. The favourite colour inside and outside the home at the moment is grey, whether daringly dark charcoal or a lighter hue. But if you're feeling adventurous, why not opt for a light blue to really brighten up your garden space and provide a serene backdrop for your shrubs and flowers. 

Looking Glass

For small gardens, in particular, a weatherproof garden mirror shall do wonders to help reflect the light and produce the illusion that your garden is much bigger than it really is. For a traditional feel, look at the arched sash window style mirrors for a classic feel. Using a mirror in the garden for some is unheard of as we're so preoccupied with mirrors being an indoor piece of decor, and so why not be different, go wild, and place a mirror outdoors!


Another indoor furnishing that is increasingly moving to the outdoors is the use of textiles to add colour and vibrancy to liven up a bland space. Vibrant splashes of orange and pink or even committing to a nautical theme for your cushions is a cost-effective way to add style and comfort to your garden for you and your guests.

Solar Lights

Plotting solar lights strategically around your garden is essential more so for garden parties that are likely to drift on into the evening. The choice of lighting extends from string fairy lights that you could drape across your summer house or hang from fence post to fence, or you could experiment with plotting around aluminium solar light stakes to edge the lawn, steps and garden path, this is always handy to save children from tripping over with the added benefit of looking pretty.

As you can see, there are lots of ways you can instantly change your garden to make a lasting impact this summer.

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