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Think You're Ready to Manage a Remodel? Read This First

 A remodel can be as simple as changing all the decor inside your kitchen, or it could be a considerable project. Either one you’re going to have to have excellent project management skills. However, we aren’t all born with these excellent organisational skills that we’re going to need. 

And remodelling can be a never-ending commitment. Managing a remodel and a renovation is almost the same thing so that you could apply these tips to either.

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List master

Is there anything as satisfying as making a list, and then taking things off your list? Well maybe, but you are going to be the master of lists by the end of this remodelling project. It is important that you write down all of your thoughts, The small details, and any websites or places that you have found inspiration for your remodelling project.

If you want to get incredibly organised, have multiple list spaces for specific things.

All of these details will help you get quotes that really matter because you’re handing over as much information as possible.


It is vital that when you finally choose the contractors and other professionals that you want to work with that, you are all on the same page. Since you have been so diligently creating notes, you will have plenty to give the builders, plumbers, electricians and more. These lists will keep everybody on track and guarantee that you get precisely what you are looking for.

If you have decided that some furniture will go in specific places, or if you wish to have specific lights fitted after all of the building work, have that in your notes and the builders will know to leave enough room for that to happen, or perhaps they can even take care of it for you.

Plan ahead

There will be times during the project, but it is probably better that you are not in the house, or around the environment. Not only will it be noisy, and there will be a lot of foot traffic, but it can also be dusty too. 

Plan ahead and have a date in mind that you can head to a hotel or an Airbnb. Because remodelling typically takes a few weeks, or for renovations a few months even, it is important to make sure that you have everything planned.


The small details are really going to matter, and it will make a difference to the final outcome too. You are going to have to make decisions on everything, including the materials used. Be prepared to make decisions that you didn’t know you would need to include the colour and style of brass valves you want, faucet styles, and even the colour of the grout. All of these tiny details, no matter how small they might seem, will make a massive difference to you.

Not mind readers

This is incredibly important. It is very common for people to assume that the workmen and the contractors understood what they were talking about with little or no description. Noting down everything that you need, and handing this over that will mean that all of the contractors and workers have your explicit directives. 

This will prevent mistakes and disputes later down the line. You might think that your interior designer or your painters will automatically know that the darker shade of grey goes on the furthest away wall, however without you stating that it might add up on the wall that you didn’t want it to. Be specific, be clear, and never assume that everybody knows what you need.


It is important that you are on-call to make quick decisions. You will have to answer plenty of questions, from what tile style you want to where the wall lights need to go. Although during your listing, and many conversations much of these decisions will already have been made, it is essential that you have written them down and can re-iterate them whenever required. 

Your builders will appreciate the clarity, and you will enjoy their care of the intricate details. There will be some questions that you will not have anticipated, and those will need to be done on the fly. But don’t be afraid to ask for the opinions of your contractors and workers, as they have likely seen this plenty of times before.


If you have a deadline approaching and you can see that there is going to be some things left unfinished it’s time to have a few conversations. This will stop everybody getting stressed, although typically when a deadline is passed most people do you go over budget. Relax into the fact that there will be some unknowns within the project. And things do happen outside of peoples control that can extend the length of the project.

Indeed, when you are having custom-made furniture or custom-made flooring, these can take a little bit longer to arrive. So try to relax and remember that stressing about something doesn’t make it happen any faster.


Being kind to the contractors and workers within your home, or your office is a big thing. And a little kindness can go a long way. From simple things like providing sandwiches and cups of tea to understanding that sometimes people can be late to work, or need to leave early. The kindness that you show the team will typically be paid back to you as they will go above and beyond to complete the job to the best of their abilities.

Managing a remodel will really test how come you can be under pressure, how strategic you can think, and how confident you are in your decisions. You are going to need to be organised, which is why you should take it slow and plan everything from the moment you decide you want to remodel or renovate. 

Just remember that a badly managed project will cost you time and it will cost you money, and you might not get the results you’re looking for. 

Start with the list, and take your time.

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