Tuesday, 20 April 2021

Yes, You Still Need to Use Moisturizer During the Summer Season

Moisturizing products are more popular during winter when the cold air tends to dry the skin. During summer, however, moisturizers are still necessary products. Read on to learn why.

Your skin dutifully protects you from the bad stuff that is present in the environment. It is your shield against the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun, it guards against the toxic pollutants in the air, and provides a cushion against injuries. It works hard every single day, even if you do not notice it. Naturally, without proper care, it will begin to degrade.

When the weather is warm, people tend to stop using moisturizing products. It is a staple during winter when the wind is dry and, therefore, making the skin parched for hydration. But, summers still have the same environmental factors that can harm the skin. Should you stop using moisturizers? The answer is no, you should not.

The Problem with Summer

The heat of the summer sun draws sweat and oil from everyone. It is easy to make the assumption that your skin no longer needs moisture. After all, the moisture is already on your skin thanks to the humidity.

Besides, moisturizer tends to feel sticky in inappropriate places. As soon as you go out of the house, the product you used starts to feel like glue under your arms, between the thighs, etc. In short, it is unpleasant.

The Summer Sun is Damaging

However, it is even more important for people to wear a moisturizer during summer. Although exposure to sunlight is necessary for a healthy body, it is also damaging to the skin. Going out during the daytime will only lead to premature signs of aging such as fine lines, liver spots, and wrinkles.

People have to wear moisturizing products to help prevent and then repair the damage that their skin sustained from being under the sun for long periods of time. It is, however, important to use the right type of skincare. A moisturizing antioxidant lotion with SPF of at least 25 that does not feel sticky or hard to spread all over the skin is ideal. Some products offer added benefits such as antioxidants which prevent the signs of premature aging.

Moisturizing is even more important because, during summer, people tend to spend more time outdoors. It is the time for beach trips, visits to the local pool, have picnics, and just enjoy the fine weather. People need more protection to maintain the condition of their skin.

Air Conditioning is Bad for Your Skin

If people are not frolicking outdoors, they are cooped up inside air-conditioned rooms to escape the summer heat.

Being indoors is bad for the skin, too. The air-conditioning tends to lower the humidity in the room which, over time, will dry out your skin. It has the same effect as a cold winter day.

After a few hours, you will start to realize that your air-conditioning, while it keeps you cool, is wrecking your skin. It will make your skin dry which means it is dull, less flexible, and unable to fully repair itself. Wearing a moisturizer is one solution, but you also should remember to drink lots of water to keep your skin and your entire body hydrated throughout the day.

The Sun is Drying Your Skin

The cold winter breeze and the hot summer sun are both common causes of dry skin.

Too much exposure to heat can deplete the skin of the natural oils that protect from environmental factors. As a response, the skin overcompensates and releases more sebum, creating that slick feeling on your face that does nothing but trap dirt and dead skin cells, leading to acne.

A moisturizer acts as another protective layer for your skin. It also provides hydration so that your skin does not feel it has to work harder in order to keep itself plump and radiant.

An Alternative to Creams and Lotions

However, moisture does not always come in the form of a cream or lotion. Although these products offer so much more benefits, they can get too greasy. Some people prefer facial oils instead.

Oils nourish the skin and, if you choose the right source, would not feel sticky under the summer sun. The popular facial oils are jojoba oil, argan oil, rosehip oil, and avocado oil.

Just remember to always wear sunscreen. These facial oils do not offer a shield against the harsh rays of the sun.

The skin works so hard whether it is winter or summer. It deserves tender loving care all-year-round. This coming summer, do not drop your moisturizing cream or lotion from your skincare routine to protect your skin the same way it protects you.

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