Monday, 20 September 2021

For Busy Single Mothers: Guide to Spending Quality Time with Kids

Raising a child alone while working on your career may be the toughest part of being a single mother. Read on and get some tips or guidance on how to make time for your little one.

Being a mother is an absolute blessing but the challenges will always be there. However, the responsibilities get so much harder if you'll have to raise your kid alone. Living the life of a single mother might be tough, but it can also be very rewarding. The first thing you need to remember is that you're not alone. You can always find a support group at the company of your family members or close friends.

But if you're a single mother who's also a busy working professional, your biggest worry would probably be not having enough quality time with your kid. You need to wake up early, cook and pack the breakfasts and lunches, prepare for work, help with homework, then rush to bed. On the weekends, you either get groceries and supplies or do house cleaning.

If you're struggling to find quality time with your kid, here are some easy tips to follow:

1. Set limits to activities

Everyone has their limits, even you and your child. Overscheduling may sound productive but it can wear out the both of you. For starters, you can limit your child's afterschool activity to one. And most importantly, let them make the choice. If you want him to learn chess, but he wants to play hockey, let him. All of these activities build skills anyway. Plus, you're giving your kid more free time to breathe. And if you want to be present in every activity your kid wants to learn, you'd also need to put limits on yourself too.

If you have a yoga class and a book club to attend, it's possible that you barely have free time to be there for your child. Check your schedules and free time for rituals with your kid. Watching your favourite TV show, bedtime stories, or doing hobbies together - these activities should be on your list.

2. Work or study at home

Taking care of your child while working on your career can always be done with grace. Tons of individuals do it. Some women think that having a kid can make them less capable of thriving in their careers. Do you want to work productively while taking care of the kids and saving money? Talk to your employers if you can do remote work. Many companies now allow flexible work setups since it's also a way for them to cut costs.

Are you looking to also continue your post-graduate studies to advance in your career? Look for credible universities that offer online master's programs. Who says, being a stay-at-home working mom cannot continue their studies? However, to juggle everything with grace, ensure your mind and body is prepared. Start by creating daily routines and schedules so you can have a time and place for everything. Stay organized and flexible.

3. Take pyjama walks

Young kids never go to bed unless they're exhausted or ready to shut their eyes. For a busy single parent, that can be chaotic. Instead of forcing them to lie down while their energy is high, why not go on an evening pyjama walk? This can help you calm down your kid and provide them time to decompress.

Not only does this give you time to bond with your child, but you're also cutting their screen time. Get your child ready for bedtime by washing their face and brushing their teeth. Go on a slow walk in your yard or around the neighbourhood, if the weather permits. Your kids will surely be ready for bed after a few fresh-air laps.

4. Do the chores together

Sharing and doing household chores together is probably the simplest way to get some work done while spending time with your kid. Small children can generally help with taking out rubbish bins, clearing dishes, or preparing the table. If you have two or more kids, you can create a simple system that your children can follow and do together.

Consider the tasks that each of the kids can handle. Break down large chores into smaller ones. You still want to ensure everyone can enjoy the work and not feel obligated to complete multiple loads of laundry on a weekend.

Being a single parent and a working professional is surely tough. But despite having your busiest days, don't forget your little one who also needs your complete care and attention. Start spending more quality time with your kid by following these easy steps. And if you still find it hard to adjust, try connecting to other working moms or single parents like you! Their experiences and kind words might help you.

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