Saturday, 11 September 2021

Reasons Why You Should Study Abroad

With globalization at its peak, overseas education is becoming more than just an option. Here are important reasons why studying abroad is beneficial for your personal life and career.

Everyone dreams of traveling the world. And having been cooped up at home for the past year is nothing less than torture for people with wanderlust.

You'd probably give up a kidney to bathe in the serenity of the beaches in Bali. And you'd probably give up the other to explore the ancient architecture of Santorini. But the ongoing global pandemic aside, one of the main reasons people can't travel the world is the amount it would cost to do so. Newsflash, TRAVELING IS EXPENSIVE.

But what if there's a chance for you to travel to a distant magical land and even get a chance to earn big time in the long run?

Here are the five most important reasons that will convince you to study abroad.


Vacations are fun. Vacations overseas are amazing. But one thing that always sucks the happiness out of everyone is the fact that after a week or so, they'd eventually have to come back home.

Studying abroad solves this. You get to stay there for semesters or even years! That means more than just thirty snaps of the sunset on that beautiful hill. That means more weekends of exploring places you've never even thought existed. That means more chances to taste every delicious dish you can't even spell. And that means meeting and probably partying with more interesting people! Think, the globalization of dating.

Seriously speaking, though, immersing yourself in new cultures can give you new perspectives and experiences. Studying abroad exposes you to many kinds of people that help you improve your people skills and help you grow as a better person. A chance to improve your cultural sensitivity and knowledge could be just what you need to become the best version of yourself.


Along with the things you'll learn about different cultures comes a chance for you to know yourself even more. By placing yourself into a completely new environment without the people that you usually depend on, you are allowing yourself to figure out your strengths and weaknesses.

It is the perfect situation for you to finally work on your independence and self-reliance. You're going to be the person responsible for yourself. This is a chance for you to become more disciplined and adaptive. It's like a picturesque and fun military boot campminus the shouting and extreme physical pain.

By the time your first semester's done, you'd probably be confident enough to live on your own for life. And you'd probably know yourself more than ever.


It should go without saying that studying abroad can hone your language and communication skills. There is no better way to learn a language than to dive right in and immerse yourself completely. It might get tricky during the first few weeks, but international students who can't speak the local language usually appear cute. So.

And since the host school would most likely offer local language courses to help you, there's really nothing to be scared of.

And speaking of courses, the education offered in international schools is actually top-notch. With overseas education, you get the opportunity to experience various styles of teaching, from Asia's Tanglin Trust School in Singapore and the Royal Grammar School Guilford's British international school in Dubai to Europe's Sir James Henderson School in Milan. Every country now has its take on specific areas of knowledge. And by learning from them directly, you gain an advantage over your peers back at home.


One of the best reasons to study abroad is the career opportunities it brings. You can come home with language and communication skills, cultural knowledge, a global mindset, and unique foreign independence. Even if it's just for a semester, the time spent overseas can be seen as a valuable experience that most of your competitors don't have. Your CV is going to be lit.

But it doesn't end when you come home. Meeting people in different countries leads to a wider network. If you make it a point to get closer to the host schools' teachers and staff, you will get better chances of landing internships or even future work opportunities.

The relationships that you make with your classmates and friends there can also be beneficial in your career. Basically, studying abroad is also like marketing yourself and growing your network for the future.


And last and kind of the least, Aesthetic.
Even though this sounds really lame compared to the other four, it doesn't change that it's true. Uniforms in foreign countries are the cutest! If you're an anime fan or simply enjoy the aesthetic of Japanese uniforms, studying in Japan is perfect for you.

Just like how the teaching style differs per country, their architecture and aesthetic are also all unique. Malaysia offers universities by the beach. If you've lived all your life in a tropical place, then the boarding schools in the Swiss Alps are perfect for you. The Philippines has beautiful campuses that you should check out if you prefer a more country-side vibe.

By studying in a different country, you can bask in all its beauty. It's gonna be good for both your CV and IG.

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