Saturday, 11 December 2021

Refreshing Your Brand: How You Can Revive It

Businesses that have been around for some time always need to refresh their brand to stay relevant. Here are some tips on how to ensure your brand stays relevant.

Businesses need to change with the times. This requirement to change is coming faster and faster. One of the things to change with a business is branding. The choice is often a complete overhaul or a simple refresh. Refreshing is simpler and easier for many businesses. It is also a good sign that your business is growing and developing. Complete overhauls or replacement of brands often mean that a business needs a new direction to save itself or is under new ownership. However, even a brand refresh can go wrong. Here are some tips on how to make it easy for your business.

Work With Professionals

While the drive to refresh a brand comes from within a business, it will be better if you work with experts on some aspects of it. For example, an essential part of brand refreshing is changing the company website. Instead of having your people do it, hiring professional web designers to do an overhaul is a good idea. Additionally, you should hire professionals in portrait photography to take updated pictures of the staff and the company offices. That can be part of the branding efforts, especially for the website. The help of all these skilled people helps ensure that your brand will look a lot better in the end.

Refreshing A Brand Is Not Always Visible

Many people think that when it comes to refreshing a brand, it is mainly about changing logos and having a new slogan. However, a brand is more than that. It can also be how your company interacts with customers. For example, a lot of customers will know if a brand is friendly to them or not. They will match this friendliness with the brand going forward and create some brand loyalty. This customer perception is an important part of your brand. When you do a refresh, your company can get rid of all these old ideas and start anew with your customers.

Consider What Your Customers Want

Another thing to consider when doing a brand refresh is to listen to customers. Your current customers are pretty important, and you want to retain them with your transition into a new brand. To ensure that they stay loyal, listening to what they think of your current brand is important. They can pinpoint elements that they like about your current brand that you can then carry over when you refresh it. Their insights on what they don't like can also help you remove useless brand elements.

Have An Overall Theme And Voice

One aspect of refreshing a brand is that it has to have an overall theme. You don't want to confuse your customers, so ensuring you have a single theme and direction for your branding is important. For example, you might want your brand to focus on presenting itself as a family-friendly brand. Setting up guidelines on how to present the company in that way is important. Making a brand style guide should help keep everything straight so that your brand will present the same message throughout.

Change How Customers Think Of Your Products


A brand refresh is also the perfect time to change perceptions. It can be surprising what a few changes to how a company presents itself to customers. Mainly, it reflects how the company has changed. For example, Dunkin' Donuts was originally all about its donuts, but the company has expanded beyond that into other foods. So it was logical to refresh the brand by simply making its logo into Dunkin'. Use the brand refresh to change how people think of your products so that you can expand your audience.

Look At Your Pricepoint

An integral part of your brand is the price of your services and products. When it comes to refreshing a brand, nothing makes an impact more than a price change. This can mean an increase or decrease in them, depending on what effect that the company is pursuing. However, you can be creative about it. For example, many fast food restaurants introduce meal bundles, matching together popular offerings with drinks. Creating these meals and highlighting them can create a good brand identity. Everyone remembers McDonald's Happy Meals, and they work well in increasing brand recognition.

Refreshing a brand is about change. There might be several potential reasons for it. For example, the business might start offering more products and services. They'll want customers to have new symbols and logos to connect with when thinking about the company. The tips above should help greatly with easing the process and might even give some ideas.

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