Thursday, 30 June 2022

How to Safely Clear Your Garden 

Before you level up your garden, you need to make sure it’s ready for whatever you have planned. From extravagant upgrades to simply making the area more manageable, garden renovations can do wonders for your home and increase its potential, so it’s worth knowing how to safely and efficiently clear your garden to ensure it’s ready for whatever you have planned. 

Clear Away All Debris 

The first thing you'll need to do is clear away all the debris in your garden. This includes twigs, stones, and any toys or games that your kids have left over since they were left outside. If you have play areas, such as slides or swings, you should disassemble these and put them in storage for now, as it will be easier to clear the rest of the garden if these aren’t obstructing your path. 

A quick sight test should help you find most of the debris, but it’s also beneficial to look more closely around your garden for smaller items that could damage tools or cause injuries if you accidentally go over them. 

Deweed the Grass and Slabs 

Deweeding the garden will immediately make it look nicer, and it can save you plenty of back-breaking effort later on. You can choose to get rid of weeds permanently or temporarily, especially as some weeds can be beneficial for your garden. Despite this, others will attract pests, so finding a balance is crucial.

If you have paving slabs or decking, there could be weeds here, too. Rather than trim the back, it’s best to pull out by the root and cover the area with weed killer. You shouldn’t do this on wet or windy days, though. 

Use Proper Tools and Equipment

It’s always important to stay safe in your garden, eleven if you think you can clear everything away without any issues. If you’re cutting back branches or trimming judges, there’s a chance that the branches are covered in thorns. It may only feel like a small prick, but it may cause an infection, so wear gardening gloves. 

You should also use proper tools and equipment. If you have rusty trimmers or shears, try cleaning them before using them. If you can’t clean them sufficiently, replace them to prevent injuries. 

Get In Touch With Professionals

There are also some challenges you should not attempt by yourself. This applies to substantial clearing jobs. If you're carrying out a full-blown renovation, you need to get in touch with professionals. 

When removing trees to clear your garden, a tree surgeon is essential for getting it out of the ground safely. They can also assess the garden and advise how to keep the area in good condition. Working with experts will prevent potential damage and accidents to protect your garden, home and neighbours. 

Transforming Your Garden 

There are so many benefits of having a garden. Because of this, you should always do your best to ensure you can sit in your garden and relax when the weather’s nice. Even if it isn’t as pleasant as you’d like, some garden renovations still allow you to spend much-needed time outdoors, so don't hesitate to transform your outdoor space. 

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