Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Wedding Dessert Bar

I was at a friends wedding in December, up in the North of England. Another friend and myself had arrived the day earlier to help put chair covers on all the chairs at the reception venue. There was a long table at one end of the room which I assumed was for food, but it was pretty none descript with just a plain white table cloth on it. My friend and I commented that we could have done something to dress the table up a little if we'd known before hand. But we figured our friend would have said something to us if she wanted anything adding to the table.

The next day when we arrived at the reception we soon learnt that we were right about it being a food table, but this table needed no extra decoration other than what was on the it.

Wedding Dessert Bar
There was a beautiful array of desserts, think Patisserie Valerie. And there is no surprise that the bride loves to go to Patisserie Valerie for a treat every now and then, in fact she introduced me to their cakes.

As a centre piece to the table there was a macaron tree, with white, black and red macarons. The white coconut one was to die for!

The was also a mixture of cakes, chocolate and fruit patisseries, mousses, pavlova, chocolate dipped fruit, so many things to choose from it was going to be hard to make a decision.

There are so many different, fun and amazing ideas for dessert bars for your wedding or any other event or party. In fact it could save you some costs on the decorations, because the food becomes your decoration. Your guests will go away from your event talking about the beautiful display and choice of desserts. If there's one thing you want for a wedding or event, it's for your guests to go away talking about for weeks and months to come.

Wedding Dessert Bar
What to include in your dessert bar

Cake Pops
Chocolate Fondue Fountain
French Macaroons
Chocolate dipped fruit
Petit fours
Home made chocolates and sweets
Sweets/candy in jars or glasses

Wedding Dessert Bar
Ideas for your dessert bar
Have a colour theme

Tie the theme of your wedding into the table décor and desserts
Create interest by using cake stands and serving platters at different heights

Can be an alternative to a wedding cake
Use different shaped glasses for serving mousse
Have small servings so guests can select more than one dessert
Create a centre piece, either with the wedding cake, one of the other desserts or decoration
The best part of this is the fun you can have deciding what you want to include and how you will display everything!
Wedding Dessert Bar


  1. This is very useful information on wedding desserts. Couple of months ago, I had arranged my sister’s wedding at one of most exotic San Francisco wedding venues. Arranged a separate wedding dessert centrepiece and everyone liked it very much.

    1. Thank you! I'm not surprised everyone liked it. I am a cake and dessert lover, so I'm always happy to see some on offer :)


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