Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Baby Naming blessing Part 2 - Weight Loss - What I Wore

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So it's been around a month since my last update on my weight loss. Since that time I've only lost around 4 pounds, but I'm getting to a weight that's been really hard for me to maintain in the past. I've been lower than this, but only when I didn't have a car and walked everywhere because I didn't want to pay for a bus. So I'm really pleased that I've managed to loose those few pounds.

I haven't managed to start any extra exercise other than taking my baby for a walk. That's going to be really hard for me to add into my already busy day. Mainly because it isn't a habit and at the moment I'm not putting enough importance on the exercise when prioritising what I need to do each day.

I had chosen the dress I was going to wear and tried it on a few weeks ago and although it was a little snug I was sure I could make it work. Money is a little tight at the moment, so I didn't want to buy anything new and the dress I had chosen had sentimental value.

I was so pleased when I came to get dressed on Sunday that not only did the dress fit, but it felt more comfortable on me than when I'd tried it on. Those few pounds meant all the difference.

We are taking a little break from Slimming World, not because we find it hard work, but because we did't want to buy much food this week. We have food in stock that we haven't been using due to being on Slimming World. I'm not worried as we will get back on it and keep to the life style we have created these past couple of months. My husband Keith is right behind me, giving me support and he has done so well with his own weight loss.

So what did I wear? A white dress, which was the dress I changed into at our wedding when we did our first dance. I teamed it with navy shoes from NEXT, a navy and tan belt from Primark and a navy bolero from Debenhams. My earrings were drop pearls which I also wore at our wedding.

Keith also wore his suit from the wedding, but I won't show that photo here as I don't want to spoil the surprise of what Tommy wore, which will be my next post.

Keith and I on our wedding day about to do our first dance!

Me at the blessing


  1. So beautiful and I love that the dress has sentimental meaning! ADORE your shoes!!

    1. I wanted to find an outfit to match the shoes :) I have a matching pair in black too!


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