Friday, 18 May 2018

Funny Places Kids Fall To Sleep

As parents we can be drawn into buying all sorts of rockers, swings, soothers and sleeping aids, all in the effort to get our children to sleep a little longer. Because no matter how much sleep they get, we are always exhausted and sleep is a distant memory of the past.

But all our effort seems wasted, when they fall to sleep right where they are, as you'll see with these 20 little ones below.

1) Playing had obviously gotten too much!!

Leah - Home Family Life

2) No cot means I can sleep wherever I want!

Leah - Home Family Life

3) Who needs a cuddly toy when you have a stick.
Becci - To Aufinity And Beyond

4) Almost made it on the sofa.
Claire - This Mummy Rocks

5) "You don't mind if I take a snooze while you push me along!"
Jemma - Have Kids Will Travel UK

6) Mummy said to tidy everything in the box!
Jennifer - Mighty Mama Bear

7) "Mama and Dada can sleep on the floor I'm taking the bed."
Joanne - Winging Mama-hood

8) Sleeping in a doorway
Kate - Family Fever

9) "I've eaten lunch, now I need a nap"
Kate - Family Fever

10) Shopping in Ikea can really take it out of you!
Lauren - Sophie's Nursery Blog

11) Shopping can be really boring!
Leyla - This Day I Love

12) The dog bed looks comfy!
Leyla - This Day I Love

13) "Dad's shoulder is so comfy, I think I'll just sleep here"
Lyndsey - Me Him The Dog And A Baby

14) Asleep in a box
Pete - Household Money Saving

15) "Celebrating my birthday is tiring" (2nd birthday)
Sally - The Happy Home With 3 Boys

16) And it doesn't get any easier as you get older! (3rd birthday)
Sally - The Happy Home With 3 Boys

17) Asleep in his highchair 
Sally - The Happy Home With 3 Boys

18) "I'll just curl up right here"
Sally - The Happy Home With 3 Boys

19) It's always a balancing act with 2!
Rachel - Kids Cuddles and Muddy Puddles

20) On her way downstairs for a snack.....she didn't quite make it!
Vicki - Mumma and Her Monsters


  1. Love this post! It made me laugh so much

    1. It's so funny isn't it. Thanks for popping by.


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