Thursday, 16 August 2018

How To Do Right By Your Child

Parenting is hard. You need to keep so many things in mind and your children grow up so fast that the whole process can feel like a true whirlwind. It’s essential to ensure that no matter what, you care. This is likely taken care of by default. A parent who cares and makes a diligent effort to care for and raise their child well will often be much better at the job than they think. There are some tips to help this process go a little easier and to make a child develop in perhaps the most promising ways. They are as follows:

Do Not Be Afraid Of Disciplining

All children benefit from learning discipline. There is a school of thought that restricting your child overly can harm them from developing, and of course in an incredibly strict fashion perhaps this is true. However, your child deserves to have that inner wisdom solidified in them from childhood that teaches them boundaries. Corrective action may have to be taken. While striking your child is perhaps a debate that a more appropriate forum would have, and while many of us experienced it from time to time in youth, it’s of course an easy and ultimately unhealthy tactic to do so, not to mention quite morally difficult to even consider. Good discipline will never require it.

This means teaching your children responsibility from an early age, allowing them dominion over the cleaning of their room, or taking the time to accept the consequences of their actions - such as allowing them to face punishment at school if misbehaving and not jumping to their defence each and every time. Look for more appropriate and situationally aware methods of disciplining your children, but also learn temperance in its application. This can help you raise an aware child who understands what societal and social boundaries exist. We can often trace that which is good in ourselves to the good example our parents have set.

Select A Great School

Alan Watts once said that ‘school is where you send your child to be raised by other children.’ While this is a humorous way of looking at how peer groups influence children’s development, the schooling environment will in a large way dictate the foundation and care of their learning career. For example, it might be in your searches for an excellent high school for girls, you find yourself looking for certain programmes, perhaps a religious or artistic specialism, with consistent OFSTED reports and a forefront emphasis on the development of your child.

The school will in large part dictate the personality of your child and the kind of children or activities they can enter, so be sure to consider environments that you may not have before, such as boarding or single-sex environments. It’s up to you to decide what is the most appropriate option, and keeping your horizons open should help you in this regard.

These two options can do plenty for your child. With love, care, the right diet and a willingness to listen to them, you will be on your way to being parent of the year.

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  1. Children are used to seeing the world through their parents’ eyes. They imbibe your values, your beliefs and your ideas.


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