Saturday, 18 August 2018

Simple & Cheap Summer Fun For Your Children After Heading On Holiday

While the crescendo of your summer break and your children’s break from school is likely to be your holiday abroad, there are often weeks to fill after returning home. You may be sporting a wonderful tan, but this in no way lessens the seemingly endless energy of your kids, as well as your need to stimulate everyone with some form of activity. Thankfully, finding simple and cheap summer fun is easier than you might consider, and absolutely worth taking part in.

Thankfully, it can be done in the following ways:

Movie Marathons

A movie marathon can work wonders in bringing everyone together. Who doesn’t enjoy the process of sitting back and relaxing with our nearest and dearest, being entertained stress free on our comfortable sofas? With the minor cost of Netflix and other streaming services, entire box sets of television or perhaps entire catalogues of movies (such as Marvel) are here for your viewing pleasure. A movie marathon may take place each evening for a week, or perhaps one or two movies in a sitting with some lovely snacks. Just remember to space this out as often movie marathons can feel quite tiring if not given way to regular breaks, especially when your children are so excitable and are burning off the summer energy they seemingly get in endless supply.

A vote around the house for what movies to watch could help every stick to a solid plan, but be sure to choose family friendly films, and also those that you may not have all seen before.

Sleepovers & Campouts

Sleepovers and campouts can be a great way to allow everyone to enjoy a great time together, but within the safety of your own home. Aside from purchasing some party food and perhaps renting a movie online, it could be that this is one of the cheapest methods of entertaining your child, and the children of another family. Children need little to play together, just some fun ideas and a space to play in.

It could be that bringing out your camping equipment from the attic could help you set up a lovely little camp in your secure garden, allowing you and the children to sleep outside and look at the stars without having to worry too much about safety and security. Add a lovely meal to this, perhaps the use of a wall movie projector, and you have a comforting and beautiful night that everyone can enjoy in one space.

The laughs will often flow during a no-pressure event like this, and the parents of those invited will likely appreciate you thinking of their children. This may translate into an invitation for your child to play at another’s house, allowing for a sense of connection and bonding during the summer. Children often find home life quite tiring thanks to the long stretch of the summer weeks, and can miss the social contact of peers in their age range. This is especially true if your children are aged quite far apart, or if you are the parent of an only child. Keeping this in mind and trying to enable this time to be comfortable for everyone can be a great method of finding fun all around.

Cooking & Barbecues

Who doesn’t like a feast? It might be that practicing your cooking skills and inviting friends or family to this event can help you make the most of the summer weather while enjoying a burger and hot dog or two, or perhaps vegan options if you count yourself among their number. Food not only serves as a wonderful bonding event, but it can help energize your children who have likely been enjoying time running around all day.

If your children are old enough, showing them how to simply cook good barbecue foods can be a great honor for them to learn, but of course ensure you double check all the meat they serve just in case it’s too raw to be safely eaten.

Crafts & Comforts

Designing and making crafts with your family can serve as a comfortable and expressive time, one you can spend an entire day doing and not tire of. It might be that you print out paper templates using HP 302 ink, fashioning small models out of designs you’ve found online, or cutting and sticking certain designs to the paper mache houses you have made.

You may decide to work on watercolor pictures, or perhaps even decorate the home a little with stenciled templates around the wall of your child’s bedroom. This is often a harmless pursuit, because you can always paint over what doesn’t turn out for the best. A family coming together to indulge in artistic elements, even if they’re not quite as advanced as those you see on the children’s programme, can be a great way of sharing a few stress-free laughs.

Heading to the craft shop and finding inspiring ideas can be a great use of a day also. You might decide to purchase a comic book creator, and illustrate your own characters, writing your own silly story that makes you and your children laugh. Crafts are perhaps the most humility-inspiring and comforting set of activities that you can ever enjoy with your children, and it pays to mame time for this during the day.

Exploring The Environment

There’s a whole world out there sure, but there’s also a huge region to be explored just outside of your door. Perhaps the world can wait for now, especially so soon after a holiday. You may decide that heading on a beautiful bike ride in the summer weather, driving to the country and then setting your bikes up on the right route can help you enjoy a gorgeous day out, to be finished in the mid afternoon by sandwiches and ice-creams at the local cafe. Even a simple walk might be enough.

With these humble suggestions, finding a cheap and simple set of summer fun for your children is sure to wind you down after a beautiful yet tiring holiday abroad.

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