Monday, 8 July 2019

What You Need For A Garden To Be A Playground

Does your garden ever get used? Maybe you’re not the type of person that really wants to lounge outside. You don’t have a patio or a veranda so you’d rather just relax and lay back in your home. But what about your kids, wouldn’t they rather be outside running around? That’s the dilemma that many parents have, they don’t have a garden that’s fun but they need their kids to not play and run around inside. So, you can satisfy both parties by making a garden playground for the kids. You get some space, peace and quiet indoors, while the kids get all the space they need to stretch their legs. But where to begin? Making a play area is one thing, but a playground is much more complicated. The beginnings are the same however, so here’s how to start.

Dig up and replace

The kids are going to play rough and take some bumps and scrapes along the way. This is normal, as this allows kids to grow up stronger and also be more careful. But your lawn is going to look like a mess sooner or later when the kids get outside. So instead of damaging your property, you can dig up the soil and replace it with artificial grass. It's very close to the real thing with many blades of fake grass closely placed together. It's also got a soft touch so it's not going to be coarse on your skin or bare feet. It's also UV protected so the colour won’t fade while being in the sun for many, many years. It's triple-backed for longer life expectancy as well as being lead and heavy metal free.

Welcome to the jungle 

The best thing about the playground when you were a child was the jungle gym. You could play on the jungle with multiple friends, have room to move around and do different things from each other. It's versatile and allows for many different styles of play and games. But which is the best jungle gym? There is a single jungle gym style which is for smaller gardens. You get a playhouse, a swing and a slide. However the larger jungle gyms are going to be three times as large. You have the monkey bridge, two separate standing structures, a slide, swings, climbing rack and a sand pit. 

Roundabouts and seesaws

Roundabouts are great and simple equipment for a playground. The children can spin on it while the adults push. These have to be created on a sturdy platform so they will need to be installed. However you can also have seesaw in your garden which allows the bigger kids to play as well. It's a simple piece of equipment which uses interia to push those that sit on the seats up and down. Strong and versatile, this is something that will last for a long time.

A garden playground is very achievable for most homes. You need to first replace the lawn so you have a base which will stand up to any rough and tumble. 

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