Wednesday, 22 July 2020

How To Care For A Tree In Your Garden

Those of you with green thumbs might be looking at that tree in your garden, or the possibility of adding one, and think that you might be in for an easy time. Indeed, many times, a tree doesn’t need quite as much care as any of the houseplants we might tend to look at. However, underestimate them and you can end up with one that’s overgrown, sick, or even dead before you know it. Here, we’ll look at how to ensure the proper care of your tree.

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Take good care of the soil

Like any plant, a tree needs decent soil to grow properly. This means plenty of water (up to 25 gallons of water per week or 1.5 inches of rainfall.) A tree sprinkler can help you automate this part of tree care. Otherwise, you need to keep the lawn free of weeds as best as possible and help keep the soil moist and nutritious. Laying mulch around the tree can be a great way to do just that. Otherwise, your tree can starve and die.

Be careful how you cut

It is important to ensure that you keep the branches of a tree trimmed as overgrown branches can be dangerous for both the tree and your property, especially if there are any electric lines within reach. However, hack away at it too freely and the tree can go into shock, stunting its growth. Using proper tree services once a year can help you keep your tree in good shape. More importantly, they will know how to prune it in a way that doesn’t harm the tree itself.

Recognise when they are sick

Some tree service providers will be able to do more than simply prune and tidy the tree. Some can help diagnose and treat sickness in the tree. However, you have to be able to recognise the symptoms of a sick tree, as well. Some of them are a lot more visible than others, such as a reduction or discolouration of leaves outside of the usual autumnal changes. Others may be harder to see, such as changes to or cracks in the tree bark. Either way, if you see any of the symptoms of sickness mentioned above, be sure to call your tree specialist.

Know that different trees need different kinds of care

Of course, just like every plant, individual tree species have their own needs to handle, as well. For that reason, get to know what types of trees are in your garden and how to care for them, or in the case with the variegated rubber tree, in a pot or your home. In the case of that particular plant, and other more exotic trees, they need a lot of humidity and it might be temperamental to changes in the environment, so care must be taken to provide a consistently muggy area for it.

It is true that, in general, your tree shouldn’t take quite as much maintenance as the other plants you handle. However, it still needs some care so don’t neglect it.

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