Monday, 2 August 2021

5 Ways to Update Your Floors

The floors of your home can be one of the hardest things to change, mainly because it is a major job to change them. But, we can all agree that when they are done right, it is worth all of the hassle. Here are some of the ways you can change the flooring of your home for the better.

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Tiles for Heavy Foot Traffic

If you have a busy home, you might want to think about what you have put down in the hallways. Wood can be a good choice but tiles can be an even better one. Tiles can offer a level of durability that no other flooring can. And this makes it perfect for your main hallway. It is always a great choice for your kitchen and bathroom because they are waterproof and are practically impossible to mould.

Wooden Floors for Style

If tiles are durable, wood is stylish. Wooden floors offer a level of design and durability which makes them perfect for all over the home. Don’t believe us? Ask your local Timber Merchant about the types of wood you can use, how they can be sealed, and how easy they are to maintain. You could, in theory, use wood in every room of your home if that is what you wanted. You would just need to take an extra bit of care when it comes to the kitchen and bathroom to protect it from dampness.

Carpet Piles

If there is one thing that has fallen out of fashion, it is carpet. The issue with carpet is many rentals have the same carpet for multiple tenants, and it rarely gets cleaned properly between each new resident. This has led to people calling it dirty. In fairness, they are not wrong. However, if you own your home, there is nothing wrong with investing in some plush carpet and thick underlay for your bedroom. Just make sure it is a shoe-free zone to prevent dirt from getting trapped in the fibres.


Ok, maybe this is cheating, or maybe it isn’t, but rugs definitely deserve a spot on our list. Why? Because they can go with all of the other suggestions we have listed. Rugs can go anywhere in the house, except for the stairs and upper hallways where they could be a tripping hazard. Rugs are great on tile floors as they can help take the coolness away. In the bedroom, you can pop a rug down on the places that you walk the most. Even a small rug at the bedroom door is a great way to signal that this is where shoes come off. 

Painted Floors

If you have just started your journey to renovate your house, but are strapped for cash, you could paint your floors. This is especially useful if you have carpet down that has seen better days and you would like it removed. Instead of ripping it out and leaving the bare boards, paint them with floor paint to help make the transition easier. You can even experiment with different colours to see what will fit your style the best.

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