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How To Keep The Wrong Bugs From Your Garden

Bugs live outside, of course they do, but you have to have the right type of bugs in your garden if you want your plants and flowers to grow properly. If you have pests eating your tomato plants and you have issues with your plants being eaten before they’ve matured, you’re going to need to figure out how to get rid of them from your garden. You want your plants and your garden to look beautiful, but bugs can put paid to that quite quickly.

If you plan to grow your own veggies especially, the best thing that you can do is take tips from the Green Gardener to know how to keep your bug issue as minimal as possible. You need your garden filled with the right kind of bugs, like bees to pollinate the flowers. You need the right solutions to keep those bugs from eating all of those plants you’ve spent time curating and organising in the garden. Below, we’ve got a range of tips to help you learn how to look after your garden and keep it pest free.

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  1. Consider using soap. Add a solution of soap and water to a spray bottle, and spray down your plants. You don't need harsh pesticides and chemicals to get this right. If you ensure that the bugs are sprayed down, you’re going to dissolve those bug shells and lead to their deaths. 

  2. Look in the spice cupboard. Believe it or not, you can get a lot from your spice cupboard to keep your plants from dying by bug bite. Pepper and garlic are both powerful exterminating methods for bugs in the garden. The flavour and the smell both repel the bugs and pests, and even makes the plants completely unfavourable to other bugs!

  3. Consider oils. Have you ever heard of horticultural oil? Once it’s mixed up with water in a spray bottle, you’re going to be able to spray down your plants and suffocate the eggs and the insects so that they can’t keep breeding all over your plants and flowers. You can use it at any time of the year, too, and prevent any of the bugs from breeding again.

  4. Back to the spice cupboard. Did you know that turmeric is one of the best ones for your plants? You can add powdered turmeric to the base of the plants and you can sprinkle it around the leaves, too. You can steep it with water, and add to a spray bottle, too. 

  5. Save your eggshells. Did you know that eggshells keep away slugs and snails from the garden? Crushing them up and adding them to the soil in the garden will keep the bugs away and help your plants to grow.

  6. A cup of coffee, anyone? Most people are unaware that coffee grounds sprinkled on the soil can have a huge number of benefits when it comes to warding off the bugs. Instant coffee isn't the best option, but coffee grounds work very well. It’s a method that can remain pretty effective. 


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