Friday, 19 November 2021

What To Do With Too Much Garden

More often, people will complain about having not enough space in the garden to meet all of their needs. However, you can have the opposite problem. If you want too much garden and you don’t want to spend all your days taking care of a lawn that’s bigger than it needs to be, what can you do about it? 

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Make yourself a space to relax

One of the easiest options is to rethink how you use that garden space, to begin with. It doesn’t have to just be the place where you dedicate space to plants and a lawn. You can build yourself a garden to socialise in, as well. Building some decking or placing some pavings down can see you build yourself a patio. Whether it’s simply a place to rest and enjoy the weather when it’s good, you fit a fire pit to make it more comfortable throughout the evenings, or you even turn it into a dining space, there’s plenty that can be done with a more organised outdoors.

Extend out into it

Do you feel like you would much rather have all that space for your interior, instead? Then why not consider doing it? Even if you live in a neighbourhood that has housing association-style rules, the back often isn’t visible from the front so you might not need permission, or at least as much, to extend out into it. A rear extension can cost from £1,500 according to This can be not too much to get that extra kitchen space that can make the home feel so much more accommodating to your needs.

Build a separate space

The extra space doesn’t necessarily have to be dedicated to a room that you already have in the home. In fact, it might not have to be attached to the house at all. You have likely heard of the granny flat or the out-building before. Building an additional building in all that extra space can be great for building yourself a home office, a gym, or some other space that might benefit from having that extra level of isolation from the noise and distractions that might be in the house.

Go for a swim

If you’re stuck on ideas and the above don’t appeal, then perhaps you might think about adding some leisure to your garden. Adding a pool to your garden is a big choice. Pools are very attractive, especially during those summer months, but they come with some heavy ongoing costs due to the maintenance that has to be done to them. That maintenance takes effort as well. Weigh the pros and cons of owning a pool as demonstrated by before you make your decision.

Short of giving the land away, somehow, the tips above are going to help you make the best use of a big garden with more space than you know what to do with. You can tidy that space up while finding plenty of use for it

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