Wednesday, 28 February 2018

The Secrets Of Gym-Haters To Stay In Shape

Even though it has become a popular meeting venue for everyone and their dog, it doesn’t mean that you have to love the gym. In fact, for a lot of people, the gym is nothing else than an unhygienic waste of time. It’s easy to understand why. After all, not all gyms are kept as spotless as they should, and there is no joy in holding the sweaty hand bar on the treadmill while wondering how many hands have held it before you today. Not every gym member brings a towel to keep the equipment clean and dry, so it can be really unpleasant to use a machine right after them. Additionally, when you’re trying to get back in shape, there’s nothing more frustrating than jogging next to super fit individuals which make you feel bad about yourself just by looking at them. Naturally, it would be unfair to forget the membership fees, which can be extortionately high with some gym studios. In other words, you shouldn’t feel awkward about hating the gym. The right gym can be great depending on your personality, but there are a lot of bad gym facilities that give a terrible rep to the venue. Don’t worry, though. You don’t have to sign up to your local gym to stay fit. There are plenty of alternatives for gym-haters.

You count your calories
When you are trying to get back in shape, you ultimately try to modify your intake of calories vs the amount of calories you burn every day. As dull as it might sound, counting calories is a sure way to be in charge of your body again. In theory, losing weight is about eating fewer calories than you need during the day. Maintaining weight is a matter of equilibrium: eating just the right amount, no more, no less. Your body needs the calories you eat and drink to perform essential functions such as breathing, walking, maintaining its temperature, thinking, healing, etc. If you consume too little calories, your body can’t function correctly, and you might encounter health issues. But if you consume too much, then it will be stored as fat and can lead to weight gain. Ultimately, the key to making this work is to consume the right amount of calories without depriving your body. You can find calculators to define how many calories you should consume to maintain your body functions. Indeed, calculators need to consider your age, weight, gender and activity level to define the right amount of calories for a person, and more important to help you lose weight without putting your health at risk.

You look for a lifestyle change
Admittedly, losing weight and maintaining it demands constant effort. That’s precisely why a calorie-counting approach can’t work in the long term. You need to proactive change your lifestyle so that you can stay in shape without following a structured diet plan. Indeed, plans are challenging at the best of time, but it’s almost impossible even with the best of will to stick to a diet plan until the end of your life. You need to transform your lifestyle instead of counting your calories. Thankfully, there are plenty of programmes to help you shift off the extra weight while adjusting your preferred dishes to healthier and saner eating habits. Slimming World is one of those, but you will need to do your homework to find the programme that is best suited to you.

You include sport as part of your commute
If you don’t live too far from your workplace, you could decide to introduce sport as part of your commuting routine. For town office, joining the cycle scheme can be a fantastic alternative to the gym, especially as you genuinely have to exercise to get to work, which makes it more difficult to skip. Most companies have partnered with the bike scheme programme which lets you buy a quality bicycle at a discounted price. However, if you’re on a bicycle in town, you will need to consider insurance for cyclists to protect yourself and other vehicles on the road. If cycling is not for you, you can also try jogging, if you’re feeling brave enough. If you’re not as adventurous, all it takes is getting off the tube or the bus a couple of stops ahead so that you can walk the last mile or so.

You keep an active day at work
Admittedly, not everyone can cycle to work. If you live too far away, you will need to drive. But it doesn’t mean you can’t transform your work routine into an active workout. You can do some glute tap on your chair, pressing in your heels to stand up and lowering back to touch the chair. Repeating this 10 times a day will burn your glutes. A reverse crunch is also an easy way to work out on your chair. You can squeeze your inner thighs together and bring your knees up towards your chest before lowering them down. Here too, a few reps a day will do you good. And, last but not least, ignore the lift.

You get a pet
If you lack motivation, you might need to buddy to keep you focused. A puppy is the best companion for your health as they need to go out at least once a day. A dog owner is 34% more likely to walk up to 150 min a week than someone who doesn’t have a dog. It may not seem a lot, but it can make a great deal of difference to your fitness levels. Besides, you will want to play with your puppy, meaning that your dog will keep you active throughout the day.

You roll out the yoga mat in front of the TV
If you love watching your favourite shows on TV, you could introduce a yoga routine. As it’s a slow-paced workout, it can take a lot of time to seem the result of regular yoga practice. However, its benefits are major. Your core grows stronger, and you become more mindful of your needs, which allows you to stay away from bad habits.

In conclusion, gym-haters can be fit too. From cycling to work to counting calories, there are plenty of ways to get back in shape without hitting the treadmill!

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