Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Hold On To Hearing

Ageing is nothing to fear. As we get older we gain in confidence, filter out the bad friends and surround ourselves with the family and friends we love spending time with and hopefully have a little more security, financially and personally.

But there are some things that are just plain inconvenient and are signs that we need to take extra care of our physical health. That creaking sound your knees make when you get up and sit down, for example or that extra ache in your back after a day spent in the garden. Nothing major, just the usual aches and pains of a body in need of some TLC.

What can become more of a worry of course is when we feel that senses such as our hearing are going. No one wants to imagine that this can happen to them and sometimes it has nothing to do with age and can be the result of an infection. Whatever the case, if you are worried about your hearing, don’t delay in seeing your doctor who may refer to you a hearing specialist for further investigation. The good news is that with hearing issues there are plenty of solutions on offer, so while the thought of having it checked out might be a little daunting, the treatment is a great deal less so.

It might be that it’s just a simple case of being blocked up, in which case you might opt to remove the wax using microsuction or choose a home-based remedy to help break it down.

For more serious problems you will be given the choice of a hearing aid. Far from being the clunky, obvious pieces of kit they used to be, aids are far more discreet and powerful and have come a long way in terms of technology and design.

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There are still the behind-the-ear styles that should nowadays at least match your skin tone so they don’t stand out too much but there are also several in-ear designs that are hugely popular with patients looking for a little discreet hearing boost.

These tiny pieces simply slot into your ear canal and may only have a small wire on the outside; hardly noticeable to anyone you’re talking with. Again they come in a variety of colours to best match your individual skin tone.

For those who already wear glasses, it’s quite possible to have your aid as part of the arm of your spectacles giving it a complete disguise and helping to make sure you always have it with you.

Whatever’s going on in with your hearing, the best thing you can do is to have a check up and see if there’s a good reason why that television volume is creeping up or why you’re missing key parts of the conversation.

With a huge variety of options on style and convenience, you can find a hearing aid that matches your lifestyle best and gives you back your confidence in a hearing world.

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