Friday, 1 February 2019

Trading Up

When your house is groaning at the sides and no matter how much decluttering you do, you just can’t seem to contain everything it might be time to consider trading up your home.
Moving from your family home can be a really tough decision, you’re used to its funny ways, its nooks and crannies and more importantly it’s the place you’ve been raising your family. But when you’re living on top of each other and those children are only going to grow and grow, moving is simply a practical decision.
But, besides size, what else should you be looking for in your new property? Our brief guide to choosing a new home will give you some ideas.
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You know your family better than anyone and you know what kind of lifestyle you lead, so you’re best placed to know what the little extras are that are needed to help your family life run efficiently.
Are you commuting to work? You’ll need to bear in mind how close road links or public transport is from your new destination. What after school hobbies and clubs do your children take part in? Will you have access to the same clubs or alternatives where you want to be?
Before you even start calling up those property websites, make a list of all the essential criteria your house must have. Not just the number of bedrooms and size of the garden but also the location and proximity to things like a supermarket, schools and the nearest bus stop or cash point.
Could you handle parking on the street, or must you have off-street parking or a garage? All these questions should be taken into account early on as it’s all too easy to be overwhelmed with choice as you begin your search.
If you’re thinking of living somewhere not so familiar, then consider taking a walk around the neighbourhood to get a feel for how long it takes you to get to the shops or for the children to walk to school. Check out how much properties in the street have gone for and get a good idea of how much you could reasonably expect to pay.
Looking for a new home is very often the fun part and you’ll soon need to get the ball rolling and your own home on the market. Do your research and consider getting hold of a guide to selling your house by Advisory before you take those initial steps.
Buying and selling can be an immensely stressful time for a family and if you have children of whatever age, it can add to the challenge but with a little careful planning for any surprises you should be able to make the process as smooth as possible.

Keep an open dialogue between family members and check in regularly with each other to see how everyone’s feeling. Once those boxes are unpacked and the kettle’s finally on, you’ll be glad you took the plunge and created a new set of memories for years to come.

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